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Hiya guys! I'm back again with a little something different and yes you read that title correctly! I am back this month with a Polish Pick Up item to share with you and I couldn't be more excited about it. It has been months (years?) since I have done any press releases for Polish Pick Up and I have missed it. This post is doubly as exciting because it's not nail polish fo…
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ZOYA TRANSITIONAL: NATURAL 4 Introducing the newest line-up in beautiful neutral shades from Zoya, Naturel 4. This nail palette includes six (6) new colors which include a lovely range of mauve-toned neutral creams, plus an exciting duo-chrome topper in Marlowe which can be worn alone, or as a topper over your favorite shades for added sparkle. This collection embodies the transition …
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Love the shiny, rich finish of gel-like top coat, but are tired of the long wait times required to achieve it? How about unwanted denting and sheet marks? Are you happy about losing the beautiful gloss and shine on your nails just a day later? Of course not…and neither were we!

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Hiya guys! Yes, I have been gone for way too long. I have missed writing, being active on social media, and talking to you so much. Especially the talking to you part because I have been SO lonely and just not in a good mental place. But that's honestly a whole discussion for another day because we gotta get a good vibe going for the last two months of the year. And so we …
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Zoya’s newest collection, INTRIGUING, has arrived for Holiday 2020! This collection offers a wide range of winter-themed shades and finishes including metallic greens, wintery blue micro-shimmers, and red-toned purple creams. This variety embodies the magic of the holidays.