This blog is a personal blog written solely by me, Roselynn Mercedes. As of 2015, all content published is proofread and edited by Keegan W. for grammar and spelling mistakes. If you ever have any questions, please contact me directly via email at roselynn787@gmail.com.

Disclosure Buttons

You'll notice my posts have disclaimer buttons associated with each and every one, however, you may not know what they mean. Manicured and Marvelous defines every post available (either at the top of the post or at the bottom) with the following definitions.

Purchased By Me
These items were purchased by me (or by my husband). I do buy a lot of polishes and other items on my own and love sharing them with you guys.

Press Sample
This will be one of the more common tags you'll stumble across on my blog. Posts marked as a press sample means the products were received from the brand for review. The goal with these posts is to be able to provide my readers with my honest thoughts and opinions on products. All products received for review will not be influenced in any way, shape, or form.

Provided For Review
These items follow the same guidelines as 'Press Sample', but I wanted to further separate and correctly label what I receive and the conditions. Items marked with this tag are offered to me with 'blogger discounts' and will no longer be marked as press sample. Bloggers discounts are a coupon code made exclusive to me by the brand to purchase the products of my choosing in exchange for a review.

Sponsored Post
This button means that the post has been sponsored by a brand or company. I have been compensated to create the post, but my opinion will remain uninfluenced and honest.

Nothing to Disclose
Older posts will often have this tag if I purchased the items used or if they were gifted to me. This will often be used for guest posts, opinion posts, and articles.

Posts marked as a gift are products that were included or sent to me from a brand with no promise of review. They are simply an unsolicited gift.

Ad - Sponsored Giveaway
These posts are advertisement for giveaways being hosted by other bloggers or companies. The giveaway itself is not associated with Manicured and Marvelous directly.

Blog Commenting Exchange*

Manicured and Marvelous is associated with the Nail Polish Comment Exchange and the Nail Blog Commenting Groups on Facebook. These are groups consisting of fellow bloggers whom comment on each other posts on a daily basis. Comments left are not influenced in any form, but being part of the exchange requires each of us to leave a comment with our honest opinions.

Please note that not all comments received are in association with these groups but are in conjunction.

Wear Testing

Please note: all reviews on Manicured and Marvelous are based on the formula at the time of swatching. My reviews are not wear tests and unless it is noted all polishes are removed shortly after photos are taken. There are a few exceptions to this and those will always be noted within the review itself.