Final Fantasy Nails

 Purchased By Me 

First official post and I had to make it a good one of course! Here are my take on Final Fantasy nails:

I'm so excited about these. I haven't been able to do "real" nailart in over a month. Between being depressed and then my pinky nail breaking, I just didn't have the heart to do anything but swatches. And even that was a pain with the broken pinky. You see I was gluing the nail for about 3 weeks so it wouldn't look terrible. The break was really bad and high up. As you can in the pics above, the nail is still a "nub" but the actual nail portion is starting to grow out now.

Anyways more about the nailart... I didn't want to do art on every nail and have it be overkill so for my index, thumb, and pinky I decided to go for something glittery. I used Open Seas by Sinful Colors as the base and then 2 coats of Henley Regatta by Butter London over it. Love both these polishes and as you can see they are a match in heaven (will have a full swatch of these polishes later on). On my middle and ring finger I used Harmonious Mess by Orly as the base color for my art work. A little known fact is I actually hate using white as a base for art, so whenever I  can get away with using a colored base I will.
Besides the polish, I did use a variety of acyclic paint. Not sure if this is something you guys would like to post name/brands for. If you do let me know and I'll add it in.
Time to complete: 2 1/2 hours.
Close up shot:

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