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Reviewing Policies 

I am open to reviewing newer and older brands (including indies) alike on this blog. All products I accept must have a relation with nail polish or nail care in some form or fashion.  I reserve the right to decline review opportunities based on but not limited to: availability, scheduling conflicts, product quality, past experiences, etc.

In order to review your product, a NON-RETURNABLE sample will be required as I will use it in order to provide a review either here or on my social media pages. Receipt of a product does not guarantee a positive review.

The primary objective is to always provide my readers with an honest and unbiased opinion of the products being received. That said I'm not here to bash any product I review. All of my reviews are handled as tactful as possible with as much detail as I can include. Any negative aspects found will first be reported to the maker before the review goes live. There is always a window to try and rectify the issues encountered.


All photos must retain their original watermarks. If you wish to receive non-watermarked photos, please contact me for pricing information. Photos for products received can be used on social media and shop websites so long as a link back is provided to this blog.

When requesting a review you will be receiving 2 photos and a macro shot of the polish being worn. Additional photos (such as bottle shots) can be requested, but it must be done so before receiving the package. Please note hand poses are subject to change at random. Specific hand poses and color usage should be discussed ahead of time.

All photos taken for this blog are done indoors inside a light-box using daylight bulbs. Holographic polishes will be taken with LED lighting to showcase the finish. If you require outdoor photos using natural lighting, please let me know ahead of time. I am unable to swatch solar polishes at this time.

YouTube Video Requests

As of September 2016, I am accepting requests for video swatches with a turn around time of 2-3 weeks. You must let me know at the time of contacting me if you'd like video swatching, it will not be included otherwise.

You can watch an example of my typical unboxing and video swatches on my YouTube channel here:

Date Availability

Availability to swatch and review a collection is done on a first come first serve basis. Due to health reasons, I have limited the amount of swatching commitments I accept per month. Please have due dates in mind when contacting me so I can accommodate your request the best I can. As of January 2016, my calendar is typically filled out a month in advance so contacting me in weeks ahead of a launch is preferred.

Please note, there are last minute exceptions if you'd like me to swatch 1-2 polishes.

Turnaround Time

As of September 2018, my turnaround time is now 3-4 weeks starting the day after the package has been received. This is subject to change in the future as certain seasons are busier than others.

Please make sure to let me know when packages are being sent otherwise you may be subjected to a longer turn-around. All photos and a synopsis of the review will be received two days prior to the review going live.

There is always a window that I may be able to schedule a release on short notice, but it is not guaranteed.

Mini or sample bottles are being accepted at this time. Please be aware the sizing does limit the pose availability in photos.

Contact Information

If you're interested or would like to further discuss the exchange of services, please contact me via email

Media Kit and blog statistics available upon request.