Ellison's Organics - Fall 2016 Duo


Hiya guys! Words cannot describe how utterly tired I feel. It's one of those weeks where no matter how much sleep I get I still wake up exhausted. Don't you hate that? Tomorrow I'm going in for my iron infusion treatment so hopefully that gives me some energy for next week. But that aside, I do have some lovely polishes to help cheer me up. Today I'm sharing swatches for two newly released Fall shades from Ellison's Organics. These are not really part of a collection or anything like that, they are just two stand alone shades for the season. So let's go ahead and get to the swatches!

Ellison's Organics - Fall 2016 Duo

Both of these gorgeous Fall shades are available for purchase now through Ellison's Organics shop. Each full-size 15mL bottle retails for $12. The shop offers free shipping on orders over $20, no code needed.

Nail Hoot - Hocus Pocus


Hiya guys! I have been so hyped about Halloween, yet I haven't had the chance to make any real plans. It's definitely a challenge this year as I'm much more limited due to my health. At the very least I'll be going for Fright Fest over at Six Flags, it's kind of a tradition at this point. All that aside, I at least have planned what I'll be wearing on my nails. One of which is the polish I'm sharing with you today and that's Hocus Pocus by Nail Hoot. If you're looking for a super jam-packed black glitter polish, then look no further and let's get to the swatches!

Nail Hoot - Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus by Nail Hoot is now available for purchase. Each full-size 15mL bottle retails for $7.00 and not available in mini-size.

Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish - Autumn Nights Fall 2016 Collection


Hiya guys! I don't know about your home state, but in Jersey it has taken a toll back towards summer. It's just so warm and humid outside, I'm so annoyed. Especially because most of my summer clothes and shoes have been put away, haha. I hope you guys are having more of a Fall than I am so far. So anyhow, today I'm sharing swatches for the newly released Autumn Nights Collection by Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish. This collection is made up of Fall tones in gorgeous shimmer bases. Let's go ahead and get to the swatches!

Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish - Autumn Nights Fall 2016 Collection

The Autumn Nights Collection by Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish is now available for purchase. Each full-size 15mL bottle retails for $10 or in mini-size 8mL for $6. You can also purchase the full-size set for $45 or in mini-size for $27.

Firecracker Lacquer - A Recipe For Fall -


Hiya guys! How's it going? I'm continuing with some more Fall gorgeousness that will make your wallets weep, haha. Today I'm sharing swatches for the A Recipe for Fall Collection by Firecracker Lacquer, which consists of four rich shades in glittery filled finishes. Let the enabling begin as we go right into the swatches! 

The A Recipe for Fall Collection by Firecracker Lacquer will be releasing this Thursday, October 20th at 8PM EST. Each full-size bottle retails between $10 to $11.

Anonamaker Box - Swatches & Review


Hiya guys! I have a very tongue-in cheek post to share with you today that I'm hoping you'll love. Usually I don't curse on my blog or online, but in actuality I have the worst sailor mouth. Today's post will contain some cursing and all around saltiness, so I guess fair warning. Today I'll be sharing the bi-monthly Anonamaker Box, spawn of the colorful bunch over at Acetone Alley. This is a pretty large Facebook group that pretty much is our nail corner unfiltered. Even though I am the most lurkiest lurker in existence, I do enjoy this group so much! Whether it's anonymous or not, shady behavior and people will be exposed... and I will be happily reading along as I munch on some popcorn.

But getting back to the box, this is the inaugural release of the Anonamaker collaboration! This will be a bi-monthly release that combines some super sassy polishes and other items made by six indie brands. This month features the following creators: Girly Bits Cosmetics, Tonic Nail Polish, Delush Polish, Bohemian Polish, Heather's Hues, and ellagee. But do you want to know the catch? You won't know which maker created which shade until you receive the box! Is that not the cutest idea?! 

Anonamaker Box

The Anonamaker Box pre-order will be available from October 15th through the 25th on anonamaker.com. Each box retails for $50 plus shipping. You will also have the option to buy any individual shade for $13. The first 30 boxes ordered will ship right away, while the rest of the boxes and all individual item orders begin shipping on November 9th.

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