Glam Polish - It’s Only A Dream Alice Collection (Partial)


Hiya guys! I hope everyone is having a relaxing day, well as relaxed as a Monday can be. Today I'll be sharing some of the shades in the upcoming It’s Only A Dream Alice Collection by Glam Polish. I've been anxious to share these for the past week. Not only do these take inspiration from one of my favorite stories, but the shades are drop-dead gorgeous. In this post I'll be showing four of the nine shades, so after you're done here I highly recommend heading over to Glam's social media for a look at the others.

The It’s Only A Dream Alice Collection by Glam Polish will be releasing on Friday June 3rd, 2pm EST. Shipping rates to USA are $3.80 USD for the first polish and an extra $1.00 for each additional polish.

Super Moon Lacquer - Ready to Launch Collection


Hiya guys! It's time for a nice long weekend because of Memorial Day. Along with that comes a lot of sales and new releases. Today I'm sharing the launch of a new indie in our community, Super Moon Lacquer, which is stemming from the shop The Howling Boutique. The debut collection is appropriately titled Ready to Launch and consists of nine polishes inspired by outer space.

The Ready to Launch collection from Super Moon Lacquer is available for pre-sale now. Each full-size bottle (12mL) retails for $8.00-$10.00. The full collection (9 bottles) is also available to purchase as a set for $75.00. Don't miss out on grabbing these for less because today through May 31st the prices are listed at a discounted rate. On the official launch, June 6th at 6PM CST, prices will be listed as normal.

Nail Art Inspired By The Flash Season Finale | Uber Chic Stamping Plate 9-02


Hiya guys! I don't know about you, but the superhero craze has got me so hyped. Not only the movies, but I'm completely hooked on the television shows. Especially The Flash on the CW network, which has the cutie Grant Gustin as the lead *swoon*.  Tonight is the season two finale for The Flash so I had to make sure my nails were up to speed... get it... cause it's The Flash.... and he's a 'speedster'... I'll stop now and just show you the mani, sound good? Haha. 

These colors are giving me such energy! I think the overlayer of the black brings out the colors that much more and makes it have this superhero level brightness.

My World Sparkles - Sparkleistas - Exclusive Group Color


Hiya guys! I normally don't say this on a Monday, but I am having like the best day ever. I want to take a second away from this post to thank all the ladies that got together for a 'get well soon' collaboration. It's by far the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. All that sappy talk aside, let's get into this polish post. Today I'm sharing Sparkleistas from My World Sparkles Lacquers, which is the exclusive fan group polish. 

Sparkleistas from My World Sparkles Lacquers is available for purchase now as a pre-order. Once the release date is set, all pre-orders will be shipped out on that date. This polish was created exclusively for fans of the indie, so in order to see the shop listing, you must be part of the Facebook Fan Group! What are you waiting for? Go join now!

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