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Hi everyone! It's been a long and rough week since I caught the flu. I have like no immune system so when I'm sick it takes its toll on me. A week later and I'm still feeling under the weather, however, my polish desk is absolutely packed with goodies that I can't wait to get to any longer!

Today I have some lovely polishes by Black Luna Lacquer. From the chic bottle shape to the magic liquid inside, I am a fan! I have quite a bit of polishes from Black Luna Lacquer sitting on my desk right now, so this swatch-fest and review will be broken down in two parts. Without further ado... polish magic incoming!

Blue Velvet is a creamy light blue filled with small blue, aqua, and medium purple circular glitters.

Blue Velvet is sheer in one coat but can achieve full opacity in two to three thin coats. Swatched in three thin coats and with a fast drying topcoat. Sometimes I find that if polishes have too many different types of glitters that the application suffers a little, this is absolutely NOT the case with Blue Velvet. This polish has a fantastic glitter combination and a lovely smooth finish to seal the deal.

Cat Eyes is an intense lime green creme polish that glows in the dark when charged under UV light.

My camera could hardly handle just how intense this polish really is. I love it. Swatched in two coats and its natural shine - no topcoat was used. Almost full opacity can be achieved in one coat, but for a fuller look two thin coats is recommended. Cat Eyes is a must-have for Halloween and this Fall season. As I mentioned before it does glow in the dark after being charged by a UV light source. How spook-tastic is that! You guys will definitely see me using this color a lot in future nail designs this month.

In The Flesh is a nude colored cream polish filled with golden micro glitters.

Swatched in three thin coats and sealed with a fast drying topcoat. This polish is sheer in one coat, but full opacity can be achieved in two to three thin coats. In The Flesh has such a lovely and elegant feel with its subtle sparkle. I don't know why but it reminds me of Hannibal Lecter haha. In any case, the soft touch and nude color will definitely look nice for the Fall season.

All three Black Luna Lacquer polishes swatched today have one amazing attribute in common - smooth as butter application. There no goob, clunk, or thickness in any of these beauties. The consistency in quality is very refreshing and is one of the many things I love in indie polish. I definitely recommend picking up a bottle for yourself and trying it out.

Another thing I'd like to note is the bottles themselves. For those of you who have read my other reviews, already know that I am a stickler for bottle quality. I love the shape of the bottle for Black Luna Lacquer, it's unique! The delicate shape compliments the magic inside each bottle very well. Brushes handled themselves perfectly as well.

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