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Hello everyone! I hope you've all been staying warm and not going too crazy with this Holiday shopping. If you're like me and struggle with stocking stuffers, maybe all your need is a indie polish or two (or 15 million, cause you know, we can never have too many indies). Recently I've had the pleasure to receive some polishes from Jior Couture for reviewing purposes so sit back while I share my experience with you.

First up we have Drumline, part of the Holiday 2013 collection, a cherry red jelly polish filled with various hex glitters.

Swatched on a clear base coat, used 3-4 thin coats, and sealed with a fast-drying topcoat. It is super important to let each layer dry before applying the next otherwise you'll find yourself with goop cluttered in certain spots. Since this is a delicious jelly polish, it is very sheer. You can layer this over an undie of your choice or do what I did and just apply a couple of coats. I achieved about 90% opacity (as pictured) with 4 thin coats.

Drumline has a very nice and smooth application with absolutely no glitter fishing. The glitters found within the polish are holo hexes which add a nice effect to the jelly base. Here's a closer look:

Please note, however, the shade of red is very light and can appear pink in certain lighting but in person it's quite the vibrant shade of cherry red.


Next up we have Lady Dancer, part of the Holiday 2013 Collection, a berry pink shimmer polish filled with golden fleck glitter.

Swatched on a clear base, 2-3 thin coats, and sealed with a fast-drying topcoat. Sheer in one coat, you can achieve full opacity by the 2nd or 3rd layer (depends on how thin you're layering). This polish definitely does not need an undie, it has enough opacity on its own.

Lady Dancer is incredible vibrant and bright. Perfect to wear during Holiday parties, your nails will be the life of the party! There are very slight golden fleck glitters that end up blending between layers, you can see that in the macro shot here:

This polish has such an amazing shade of berry pink. I absolutely love it and can't wait to use it all year-round. Please note: the shade can appear either dark or lighter depending on the lighting (you can kind of see the range with the photos.

Lastly we have Paired Partridge, part of the Holiday 2013 Collection, a gorgeous orange to olive green thermal polish.


Swatched over a clear base coat, used 2-3 coats, and sealed with a fast-drying topcoat. Again, I cannot stress the importance of letting each layer fully dry before applying another layer. If you apply too many layers while the polish isn't dry you will cause 'goob' and thickness. The application of each layer is smooth enough but I did a little glitter placement for the swatch photos. Sheer in the first two coats but full opacity can be achieved by the third coat. Though you will notice a bit of sheerness when in its warm olive green state.

Paired Partridge is a thermal polish that changes from an light olive green when warm to an orange state when cold. I absolutely love thermal polishes and this beauty is without a doubt one of my favorites. A definite must have for any collection. When dealing with a thermal polish the color range from warm to cold is the deal maker. The contrast from the olive green to orange is amazing, especially when in transition.

That transition is to die-for. This polish also contains subtle amounts of hex glitters that blend in perfectly with the either color. Take a look at the close-ups:

I feel like I'm babbling at this point so I'll let the rest of the photos speak for themselves:

Overall I'm extremely satisfied with Jior Couture and their Holiday/Winter 2013 Collection. Great application, good dry-time (especially for an extra layer person like me), and cute eye-catching colors. The best part for me is the colors, they just blew me away. Perfect combination of chic and festive. There are more polishes in this collection available on their website that you guys should definitely check out. You won't be disappointed.

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