Tutorial: Matte Black French Tip

Who's that girl with the chic nails? Well, hello there I'm Rose. Haha. I have another tutorial to share with you guys today that I think you will really enjoy. I just posted a photo on my Instagram of my recreation, matte black french tip nails. It's a very popular look that has been recreated many times and shared all over the web. My boss was actually the one who brought it to my attention and said I should recreate it cause it looks "badass" haha. He was very pleased when I showed him this morning how they came out.

The first time I saw this look created was by the very talented Crafty Ninja, http://thecraftyninja.com/, so full credit goes to her. Definitely pay her a visit if you don't know who she is. She does have a post of how she created this look on her blog, which you guys can check out as well. I, however, created this manicure a little differently than she did because I'm no good at using tape whatsoever. Here is my end result:

This is such a simple and easy to-do manicure that will leave your nails look sleek and chic. Let's start off with what you'll need to accomplish this look:

Product(s) shown are:
Basecoat: Rock Solid by Essie
Black polish: Raven by Zoya**
Shine Topcoat: Glossy Glam by Rica**
Matte Topcoat: Matte Finish by Butter London

** links have been provided to specific product on retailers website

These are just what I used, but any variation in product brand will work just as well. The only thing I would be picky about is the matte topcoat because you want one that will really matte down the shine. From the various matte polishes I have experienced, I do feel like Matte Finish by Butter London works extremely well.

Now let's move on and get our nails done!

First step is, of course, use a base coat to protect your natural nails. Next step is to apply the black polish over your nails. You should only need 1-2 coats if you are using Raven by Zoya. You definitely don't want a streaker here so be careful of the polish you choose.

After your nails have fully dried, start applying your matte polish over the entire nail. You guys have to make sure your nails are completely dry prior to adding the matte coat. I cannot stress this enough. If you're nails are not completely dry, the matte will create 'bald' spots in certain areas or smudge the polish altogether. If you use Matte Finish by Butter London, you should only need to use 1 coat. I suggest using a matte polish that only needs 1 or 2 coats.

Now for the final step! Remember to let your nails completely dry before proceeding to this last step. Take the shine topcoat of your choice and create a thick line straight across on the tip of your nail. Remember you're going for the french tip look, so you don't want it too thick. I found it easier to rotate my finger from right to left against the brush, instead of going across with the brush itself. You want the line as even and straight as possible so move slowly.

You may need to add two coats of shine to the tip of your nail, depending on the topcoat you use. And that's it. Finish off the rest of your nails in the same manner and you'll have yourself a super cute manicure to show off.

Wasn't this an easy look to accomplish? Like I said, I couldn't get the tape to work properly for me and I ended up having to start over twice. I hope I've been able to help those who might have had the same issues as I was having. I'd love to see this look with other colors! Please share your recreations with me on instagram @ roselynn787.


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