Tutorial: DIY Nailart Storage

Who has a problem with messy drawers here? Haha. Yeah, just as I thought, we all have problems keeping them neat. As my nail polish obsession grows so does my need for nail art supplies, such as studs and rhinestones. Now it's great when they come in those neat little wheels, but most of the time you get them in little plastic baggies, like this:

I never gave these a second thought and would just throw them in my nail supply drawer. That was all good and dandy when I only had a dozen baggies or so. But as I mentioned before, my nail art obsession grew and well... my drawer didn't.

Not a pretty sight. 

I don't even know what I have hidden in there anymore! Well I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering from this problem. And what's funny is there has been a solution for us all along. I, personally, had just never thought it till I saw it the other day. Now before I tell you what it is, let me just say that I know I'm not a genius so there is a 99% chance this has been thought up before. So before anyone yells at me and calls me unoriginal or an idea-theft, I'm saying right here and now, I did not think of this first. I have no idea who might have thought of it first either. But either way I found it super useful and I want to share it with those who might not have thought it before. 

3 words... weekly pill box.

Say what?!?!?!!?

Yeah, now that you see it you're probably thinking 'DUH!' just like I did when it finally clicked in my head. These are perfect for storing our studs and rhinestones. There are 7 individual slots for storage and best part, only $1. Actually at the dollar store I was in they come in a pack of 2. Talk about a great deal. They usually come in clear case, but I decided to pick up some colored transparent ones.

If you're bothered by the fact that they have the day of the week labels on them, fear no more! You can actually erase them completely off using acetone. Just take a cotton ball with acetone and rub lightly across the words until they disappear. Only 100% pure acetone will work, so that's the only catch. 

See? Completely gone and looks awesome! 

But let's take it one step further. I thought it'd be a cute idea to glue one of whatever is in the container on the lid, that way I can know exactly what's inside without opening it. All you need is some super glue, this is the one I used:

Place a single small dot in the middle of the lid and then place the stud or rhinestone. That's it!

Doesn't that look awesome? No more messy drawers.

Let me know if you guys have tried this before? Find it useful? Don't forget to share, like, etc. Love your faces, until next time! 

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