Mermaid-Themed Nails

Happy Mani Monday guys! Okay so Mani Mondays hasn't been a thing around this blog so far but I think it's about time! I've been trying to get into little routines so that I can have more time for my nails and actually be productive with that time space. I won't bore you with the details but I'll say this, a big white board now hangs near my nail corner complete with different colored dry-eraser markers.

I love accidental mani's that you end up absolutely loving. This is definitely one of those. These are my Mermaid inspired nails:

Mermaid Nails

Do you like them?

It might be one of my favorite mani's of all time. To think this all started with me looking at these polishes sitting on my desk untouched since buying them a few weeks ago. If you guys could only see my untried pile you'd want to kill me.

Polishes used in this mani: Orly Fx: Halley's Comet, Sally Hansen Salon Manicure: Mermaid Tales, and Zoya: Raven.

I brought them weeks apart but only noticed how well they meshed together once I started playing around. Experimentation time success. Something else I recently started playing around with: striping tape. I know, I know. I'm so late to this party train. I just hated it when I first started doing my nails and gave up on it, I think I have like fifty rolls just laying in a drawer. Those will be getting a lot more use

The seashell charms I purchased from Daily Charme a few months ago. I just love their charm selection, they have tons to choose from. I was sad though cause I thought for sure I had a mermaid shaped one in my collection but I didn't. The seashells add a cute touch. That's what a love about charms, they can take an otherwise decent mani to another level of awesome.

Here's another look:

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and my mermaid-look. Leave me a comment below if you'll like to see more short mani posts like this on Mondays.