Quickie Swatch: Dark Knight by Fancy Gloss

Happy Hump Day! I feel like this week is going by so quickly which is great because I have another week off from work coming up. I know what you're thinking, another week off?!?! Yup, correct. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll try not to slack this time around, haha. For hump day I thought it'd be nice to have a quickie swatch to show you guys. Actually there is more than one reason for having this quickie swatch today but I'll get into all the details in a bit.

Let me introduce, Dark Knight by Fancy Gloss.

Dark Knight is a stunning dark blue scattered holo polish that is actually a thermal! The color shifts from dark blue in a cold state to a grey color in a warm state. It reminds me of the Dark Knight himself Batman but this was not named after him. I believe Jackie had a post on her instagram so that her followers could name it.

I absolutely love the photo above since it's sort of in transition. You can see the cold drops of water on the nails, gives it a nice affect.

Swatched over a clear base, used two thin coats, and sealed with a fast drying topcoat. The formula is as smooth as butter! It is sheer in one coat but I found that a second coat was all I needed for full coverage. The polish transitions in cold and warm water without a hitch. It was hard for me to capture a perfect transition shot because of the running fan in the room, hehe.

Besides wanting to share this incredible looking polish, I wanted to spotlight the indie brand Fancy Gloss. I've been a big fan of this indie and of the creator Jackie for a long time now. And now we come to the main purpose of this post! I recently purchased her Little Mermaid Collection (I will have swatches of this coming soon) and when I received my order I noticed that instead of Ursula I had received Dark Knight instead. Confused, I emailed Jackie and received an immediate response. I had a response within a half hour! She was kind enough to let me keep Dark Knight and send me the bottle of Ursula I was supposed to get the very next day.

That is incredible customer service!

It's not surprising to me though. I have been following Jackie and her store front for a long time and have seen on various occasions her amazing level of professionalism. I'm forever a loyal customer. Her store offers a great selection of polishes (tons and tons of fun thermals) so you guys should definitely check her out and show her some support.

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Have you guys ever tried thermal polishes? If so, which ones?

Until tomorrow guys, xoxo.