Sally Hansen - All Hail Nude Nails

There are a few trends that we can say will never go out of style and that is neutral tone nail hues. Nude nails are definitely an accessory that enhances your complexion but finding the perfect shade can be overwhelming. Sally Hansen has introduced Color Therapy Modern Neutrals, a collection that offers deep jewel hues and flesh tones. The line consist of 6 hues in varying finishes that also help to restore nails without sacrificing luminous color.

  • Dusty Plum - Paint on a marvelous mauve tint for a soft, ladylike effect.
  • Pink and Harmony - Set the tone in a symphonic fusion of classic medium pink and subtle iridescence.
  • Falling Deep - You’re definitely catching feelings for this rich, sparkle-tinged crimson hue.
  • Bronze Reflection - Look within and center your soul in a multi-faceted copper shimmer.
  • Cashmere Calm - Cuddle up in this cozy warm buff shade.
  • Diffused Light - Evoking modern minimalist linens, this rich cream hue calls for calm serenity.

Whether you are looking for trendy or classic neutral tone Sally Hansen Color Therapy Modern Neutrals provides more than your ordinary taupe and will help compliment your skin and wardrobe while you care for your nails.

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