Fall/Halloween 2019 Haul

Hiya guys! I'm here to clear the cobwebs, haha. I know it's been a few months since my last post and I cannot not even begin to describe all the madness that has transpired in the last two months. Life went from zero to hundred in the span of 24 hours and from there it has been nothing but a roller-coaster. Between needing to get back on iron infusion treatments (boo) to me going to Korea to see BTS (wait what) in two weeks. Yeah, madness I tell you. And that's not even half the things that have happened. It feels like we need to grab a cup of coffee and have a very long chat. I'll have a life update post later on this week, but for now I want to take a step back to enjoy the season. Fall time and Halloween in just a few weeks! I love this time of year and haven't been able to fully embrace it in a long time.

Fall/Halloween 2019 Haul

Nothing starts the season off right without a little shopping. This year I decided to go out and buy a few things to decorate around the house with. I don't have a lot of room in my living space, but still a little something here and there was needed. When it comes to decoration I tend to go for simple and small, things I can throw on tables or shelves. Okay enough said, let's take a look at my modest haul!

Fall/Halloween 2019 Haul

I have to be honest and say Michaels felt a little underwhelming this year to me. Everything was either extremely over the top or the same stuff I saw from previous years. Like I mentioned, I have a very simple aesthetic around the home and I like to carry that into my seasonal decor as well. Unfortunately nothing seemed to felt the mold and if it did then I had it from the previous year. Except for the cute Fall signs, like the Pumpkin Spice one I picked up. It was perfect to set-up next to my coffee maker. Now truth be told the other reason for this stop was to grab some things for blog photography. So yeah you're be seeing these things again very soon - especially the table placemats, haha.

    • Table Place-mats $16
    • Fall Leaves $5
    • Pumpkin Spice Fall Sign $10 

Coupons, coupons, coupons. I cannot stress that enough. Especially because I totally goofed and didn't use a coupon on my purchases. Nothing hurts more than paying full price at Michaels.

Fall/Halloween 2019 Haul

Another stop I was a little disappointed with this year, Marshall. There was nothing that really stood out from the same ol' decor of last year. And the selection was also very scarce. I ended up going to the store two weeks ago so there's no reason why they wouldn't have everything out already. So the scarce selection was it and it was none too appealing. I ended up going to two different locations  as well and the results were exactly the same. And although I love the mug I found because Hocus Pocus will forever be my favorite Halloween movie I am still bummed out. I was really hoping for a non-Halloween mug and more of something Fall that could be used well after. No such luck. There were some mugs with Fall-like quotes, but most were off centered and just too plain. 

    • Pumpkin $6.99
    • Mug $5.99

I definitely regretted buying the pumpkin to an extent and you'll see why a little further down in the post.


Yes, Walgreens haha. I went in during my lunch break to get some cold medicine and I was shocked. Needless to say I felt like this year Walgreens had a lot of cute decor that I was not expecting. There were some very adorable mini pumpkins with glitter accents and also some woven type pumpkins that I would have loved to get. I also missed out on buying these small ghost and jack-a-lantern succulent plants too. It's been like two weeks and I am still regretting not nabbing them while I could.

    • Pumpkin Succulent $9.99
    • Table Top Fall Sign $7.99

Side note: Best part of Walgreens is being able to rack up reward points to use for these purchases. I'm very big on walking so I get about 10k steps a day and thanks to the Walgreens app I earn points for how much I walk. You can also earn points by joining in weekly fitness challenges. Definitely something to check out if you're active or need more incentives to get active.

Fall/Halloween 2019 Haul
Fall/Halloween 2019 Haul

And the holy grail of Target hauls all from the glorious Dollar Spot aka Bull-Eyes Playground. I feel like I'm never lucky enough to get to Target while all the good stuff is still available but this time I think I stuck gold.

    • Plaid Pumpkin $3
    • Treat or Trick Pillow $5
    • Trick or Treat Table Top Sign $3
    • Pumpkin Succulent $5
    • Miniature Ceramic Pumpkins $1 (ea.)
    • Small Halloween Wooden Signs $1 (ea.)

I didn't expect to find so many great goodies this year so I am definitely beyond happy. But you see the plaid pumpkin? Ringing any bells. It is so similar to the one from Marshall for half the price. I will admit the quality from Marshall is better, like a little heavier and the stem is nicer, but I would have opted for this cheaper version just fine. I'm a girl with a budget after all, haha.

But that does it for my small modest haul for the season... what do you guys think? Did you have any luck in these stores or did you feel underwhelmed? Let me down in the comments which stores I should hit up for Winter/Christmas decor!

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  1. Some nice stuff. That mug is wonderful describes me lol :-D