Movember Nails

Hiya guys. Somewhere between my post at noon and now I feel like I've caught something. Sneezing and full blown body aches. I'm hoping it's anything but the flu. Cross your fingers for me that this doesn't stick around. So how many of you have heard of No Shave November? A lot may have heard of it or the concept, but may not know it's actually a form of cancer awareness. You can find more information and ways to donate at Even though the month is almost over, I really wanted to participate in raising awareness. So here's my simple mani:

Movember Nails

What do you guys think? Besides being a full blown nail polish addict, I think I have now become a hardcore decal addict. 

To be perfectly honest, at first I did try to freehand some stashes. It was a nightmare to say the very least. This is another one of those cases wear something simple turns to impossible for me. Then I remembered that last year I went through the same thing and ended up purchasing some decals afterwards.

You can see above these are the decals I purchased last year. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I got these from eBay. Unfortunately I don't remember the merchant, but it was like two dollars or something like that. Very inexpensive and they end up looking pretty cute.

Movember Nails

Polishes used Zoya Spencer and Emilia. I used a holographic topcoat over Emilia to give it a really unique looking effect. The decals are more like stickers rather than water decals, which makes it a little neater to apply. 

I really hope you guys like my simple No Shave November mani. Let me know down in the comments what you've done for the month to raise awareness.

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