Digit-al Dozen - Nail Heroes Week - Day 4 Stardust Polish

Hiya guys! It's the start of a new week, but I am playing catch up on some things I didn't get a chance to do last week. I am starting to think that I can't function in life without being late or behind for something, haha. Oh such is the struggle of being Rose I guess. Anyway for today I'm sharing my Day 4 for Digit-al Dozen week, which this month is paying homage to our Nail Heroes. This week is all about paying love to our favorite nail artists, bloggers, nail tools, polish, etc. As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I am honoring the fabulous indie Stardust Polish owned by the equally fab Drema!

Last month Stardust Polish changed their name and logo to Stardust Beauty and from the second I saw her new card I knew it was a mani waiting to happen. 

Isn't this business card just beautiful?! I wanted to do the writing for the logo on my nails as well, but I chickened out last second haha. Letters have never been a strong point for me, so I didn't want to go and mess up the pretty glitter gradient. In my excitement to do this mani though, I completely forgot about recording a tutorial. I'll definitely have to redo the mani at some point this week and post it up for you guys. 

Polishes used in this mani are all mostly from Stardust, of course. The two main polishes in this mani are Colonel Mustard and Pitch Black (which is great for stamping as well). I thought it needed a little more gold glitter so I dabbed a bit of Noelle from Daily Hues.

Stardust Polish (Stardust Beauty) was the very first indie that made me feel like a true fan-girl. Through her polishes, I developed an intense love for crelly and holos. Right now I am currently sitting at around two helmer drawers filled with her polishes with a third at the horizon. But my love for Stardust stems far beyond the actual polishes. Drema has impeccable customer service and set my personal standards in regards to indie shopping to date. If you haven't tried her polishes yet, please don't deny yourself the pleasure any longer. I can promise you guys won't be disappointed!

And since I had all of these beautiful Stardust polishes laid out I couldn't resist picking out one in particular. I'm talking about one of the first (if not THE first) one I ever purchased, Pink Bikini 2.0! Can you believe I've had this polish for probably two years and it still looks this flawless?!

And that's it for Day 4 and only one more day left! Be sure to check out what the other ladies from the Digit-al Dozen came up with for Day 4 of Nail Heroes week.


  1. This is fantastic!! And now I must go search out this brand!

  2. I love the gold and black look on your nails! :)



  3. The new business card is fantastic, and I'm so glad you used it for inspiration!

  4. That nail art is incredible! Beautiful job!

  5. I love your inspiration for the nail art- and it translated so beautifully!

  6. The business card is amazing and your mani matches it perfectly!

  7. That black and gold is just gorgeous!

  8. That black and gold is just gorgeous!