Bad Bitch Polish - Liquor Cabinet - Rum Trio

Hiya guys. I have some swatches to share that will make all orange lovers rejoice! As you may recall, last month I reviewed the Gin Trio by Bad Bitch Polish and today I'm sharing the latest release from the Liquor Cabinet series... the Rum Trio. Inspired by the namesake beverage Rum, this collection resolves around its candy orange color.  The other two trios available for purchase in this series are Vodka (yellow jelly based), Whiskey (red jelly based), and as I mentioned before Gin (blue jelly based). Now let's go ahead and get started!

The Rum Trio by Bad Bitch Polish will be releasing on Friday, July 22nd. The whole trio will retail for $27 and each polish will be available individually for $9.50.

 Bad Bitch Polish - Rum

Rum can be described as a candy orange jelly polish. When it comes to this series my favorites will always be the jelly polishes. They're just so versatile and fun to use for nail art! The formula has a smooth application, no clumping or thickness as it builds up. As I said, this is a jelly polish and therefore is intended to have a sheer see-through look. Even after three layers you can clearly see my nail line. Shown here in three coats and sealed with a glossy topcoat.

 Bad Bitch Polish - Strawberry

Strawberry can be described as a red glitter bomb with flakies. The base for this glitter topper is clear so it will not build up to a fully opaque finish. But it's what I consider a 'chunky' glitter so with some dabbing you can build it up, although a nail line will still be minimally visible. The formula has a great base that allows you to apply the glitters over a base without the need to dab. There's so much glitter in each brush stroke and no need to fish for the hexes or flakies. I originally used two coats and felt it overwhelmed so I reswatched and just used one. Shown here in one coat over Rum and sealed with a glossy topcoat.

 Bad Bitch Polish - Orange

Orange can be described as a glitter-bomb filled with red hexes, yellow triangles, and red/yellow micro-glitters. This glitter topper is also clear-based so it will not build up on its own for a fully opaque finish. The formula has fantastic glitter pay-off per brush stroke, although with this one there is a bit of fishing with the yellow triangle glitters. I ended up having to do a bit of placement for the triangles while everything else fell into place upon application. Shown here is two thin coats over two coats of Rum and sealed with a glossy topcoat.

And here's a look a the trio used all together to create squishy jelly magic!

I layered two coats of Rum followed by one coat of Orange and then one coat of Strawberry. Since it's super glitter heavy I decided to seal it off with a double coat of topcoat.

Overall this is another fabulous addition to the Liquor Cabinet series! I love the concept of this series, it's really unique and well thought-out. Although I'm not too fond of the color orange as a whole, I definitely can appreciate the shades. Especially for their flawless formula and applications. So I'd love to hear what you guys think of this series! Are you a fan of the Rum Trio or any of the other trios in the Liquor Cabinet series?

To recap, the Rum Trio by Bad Bitch Polish will be releasing on Friday, July 22nd. The whole trio will retail for $27 and each polish will be available individually for $9.50.

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  1. Loving how well these go together!

  2. These look so beautiful on you. I really like them, but could never wear as they'd clash with my skin tone x

  3. This trio might be my favorite in the series so far!

  4. Wow, Rum is such a gorgeous butterscotch color, and I love Orange!

  5. Ohhh DANG these are delicious looking!