Digit-al Dozen - Fashion Week - Day 2

Hiya guys! I'm finally starting to feel better from the flu bug I caught last week, so I'm carrying on with the Digit-al Dozen Fashion Week prompts. To be honest, I had this manicure done since late last week and forgot to actually publish the post. I ended up wearing this for almost an entire week, which for any serial swatcher you know is serious business. Haha. There is just something about lace stamping that I absolutely love. As if you couldn't tell with the million lace stamping manis I've done in the last few months.

Can you guess the celebrity dress that inspired this look? Well if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel you probably already know since the tutorial was posted over the weekend. I'll give you a hint... Grammy's 2014!

Image Source: nydailynews.com

Of course, it's Queen Bey herself! What do you guys think? Did you know the dress I was referring to before you even saw the photo of her? For me personally, this is hands down one of the most memorable outfits Beyonce has ever worn to the Grammys. It's always such a treat to see a celebrity mange to capture sexy and elegance all in one look.

Here's everything I used to create this look:

Somehow or another I sound worse than a frog now so my video for today is sans voice-over. I did try to record it, but I could honestly hardly understand myself haha. Hope you guys don't mind seeing as this is a fairly easy tutorial.

This manicure was actually the first time I decided to use the Born Pretty Store Brush I received and I have to say I am really impressed with it. It handled really well and I felt I had such control over my lines and how thin I wanted them. It's also a fairly inexpensive brush, which is always nice. Especially if you're a brush fiend like I am and can't stop buying every brush you see, haha. The BPS Brush is listed as Item #21980 and retails for $4.18, plus receive 10% off when you use coupon 'ROHG10'.

Don't forget to check out the other designs during Day 2 of The Digit-al Dozen Fashion week! I have three more manis to do for this month so I'll be posting them over the next few days. They may or may not also include lace in some form, haha. I hope you've liked this manicure as much as I did and I'll catch you later.


  1. Wow! This sure is AMAZING! Not only because its inspired by Queen B but I'm just loving the details. It looks so classy and feminine. This is also perfect for the summer! I have to learn more how to do this myself though. Teach me? xx


  2. PERFECTION!!!! This is absolutely flawless.

  3. I'm loving this design and the inspiration behind it!

  4. WOWOWOWOWOW. This nail art is freaking gorgeous and delicate and elegant and amazing and perfect.

  5. LOve yuo framed the mani, it gives such a chic touch!