CDB Lacquer: Easter Morning Collection

Greetings loved ones. I love this time of year for one simple reason... Pastels! I absolutely love pastel colors but never use them nearly enough all year-round. Also Easter is right around the corner so everyone is releasing their beautiful creations for the occasion. Did that kind of rhythm? I don't know it kind of did in my head.

Anyways though today I'm sharing my first indie Easter collection of the year and it's from the lovely Cheyenne at CDB Lacquer! This is her first collection stepping away from straight glitter toppers and diving into crellys and textures. I've been super excited to share this with you guys since I first got them last week. Without further ado, let me show you the lovely Easter Morning collection by CDB Lacquer.

First in the collection is Easter Bonnet, a purple crelly with darker purple micro glitters.

Easter Bonnet is a fantastic way to start off this collection. This is the perfect shade of pastel lilac. The dark micro glitters add a really nice touch to make it sassy without being 'too much'.

Swatched over a clear base coat, used two thin coats, and sealed with fast drying topcoat. It doesn't need an undie but will need at least two thin coats for total opacity. The application is very good but I do suggest letting each layer dry a little bit before the next. I only advise this to avoid some glitter build-up at the tips.

Next we have Peeps, a pastel yellow texture polish filled with yellow micro glitters.

You cannot rock this beauty without wanting to pop some marshmallow peeps in your mouth! This is the first of two textured polishes in this collection and as a fan of texture, I love Peeps. Textures aren't for everyone as you'll always see mixed reviews, however, I think most people will enjoy this one because the texture is so subtle.

Swatched over a clear base, used two thin coats, and no topcoat was used. Being that this is a texture polish, I opted for not using a topcoat since it lessens the effect. You'll want to use two thin coats to achieve full opacity and a nice finish. Being as this is the maker's first time dipping into textures, I was really impressed with the application. It applies very smoothly and even wins against some corporate brand textures I've tried.

Next is Speckled Eggs, a light pink crelly filled with various colored glitters. Mixed to a beautiful combination are bright pink hexes, small yellow and green circulars, and purple micro glitters.

It's exactly like a speckled egg on my nails! It's such an eye-catching color and glitter combination. It was actually the first one I kept eye-balling when I opened up my swatcher package. Reminds me of those yummy chocolate eggs that I cannot think of the name of right now haha.

Swatched over a clear basecoat, used two thin coats, and sealed with a glossy fast drying topcoat. No undie is needed but you will need at least two coats for full opacity. Even though this one has some larger glitters than the rest in this collection, you will not find yourself having to fish for them. There was no glitter placement used in the swatch either. Only thing I do advise is letting one layer dry a bit before applying the next so that you don't end up with glitter build-up in certain spots.

Next is Cotton Tail, a beautiful baby blue crelly filled with sky blue and white micro glitters.

This is the one folks... the single polish in this collecction that I fall head over heals in love with. I was seriously saying, "OMG!", as I swatched it. From the color to the application, this is the must-have in the collection. Cotton Tail has a perfect shade not only for spring and Easter but it's actually great for all-year round.

Swatched over a clear base, used two thin coats, and sealed with a glossy topcoat. Cotton Tail will need at least two coats so that it doesn't appear sheer. Amazing formula in this one. It applies as wonderfully as it looks! Definitely recommend a nice glossy topcoat to make it pop even more.

Next is Bunny Ears, the ever-so cute baby pink shimmer polish filled with rainbow micro glitters.

What Easter collection would be complete without a pink polish, right? Bunny Ears is such cute soft shade. Very delicate looking. Unfortunately I don't think it looks amazing with my skin complexion but the polish itself is very stunning.

Swatched over a clear base. used three coats, and sealed with a fast drying topcoat. Very nice application. I had to use about three layers to achieve full opacity but you can probably get away with two if you wanted. The shimmer creates a very nice shine so I opted for a less glossy topcoat.

To complete the collection we have Easter Egg Hunt, grassy green texture polish with a bit of green micro glitters.

Doesn't this just remind you of grass? I love it! I don't think I have this shade of green in my collection and it's just perfection. The texture in this one, just like in Peeps, is very subtle and likable. I want to paint little easter eggs over this so badly now, haha.

Swatched over a clear base, used two thin coats, and no topcoat was used. I didn't want to lessen the beautiful texture effect by using a topcoat. I really do think non-texture lovers are going to like this just as much as any polish lover. The application is very smooth and excellent. Even if you do decide to apply a topcoat, this polish is still very striking. I cannot get over the shade of green!

The Easter Morning collection is absolutely lovable! This is the first time Cheyenne of CDB Lacquer has stepped outside her comfort zone and created something other than glitter toppers and the results are terrific. Each polish in this collection was totally appropriate for the occasion, perfect color and glitter combinations, and cute names. Overall all the applications are smooth and didn't give me any trouble. No fishing for glitter for those that had larger glitters mixed in. The two textures had such a fine application and subtle look, they really impressed me. I cannot rave any more about Cotton Tail than I already have and like I mentioned before, it's a must-have for any collection.

The Easter Morning collection releases on March 28th! Be sure to use the code CDB10 at checkout to receive 10% off (cannot be combined with any other code).

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Thanks guys I hoped you've enjoyed this post, until next time xoxo.


  1. I love these colors! So perfect for Spring!!

  2. I love these colors and textures (or what looks like texture)! So great for the season!

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