Quickie Swatch: Clown Hugs by XoXo Candy

Happy Sunday! I have the whole week off work and I'm certainly looking forward to being lazy. I'm just thrilled I should have plenty of time to catch up on all the things I've been meaning to do. And catching up on some sleep, of course. Come on 3 hours a week a day is not a healthy thing.

Today I have an awesome Quickie Swatch to show you guys! And, for once, I dug out something different for a change.

Isn't that a beauty!

I have had this one in my stash since around Black Friday so a swatch has been long overdue. Unfortunately, I thought I took a lot more photos than I actually did. So I don't have as many as I normally would for a swatch post.

Clown Hugs is a clear glitter topper so you'll have to use a base color unless you want your nakies to peek through. This beauty is filled with hexes and square glitters of all shapes and colors. 

Swatched over a white base coat, used two thin coats, and sealed with I'm on Top* topcoat. I adored the application of this polish. Very smooth, no 'goob' and certainly no glitter fishing. This swatch was done with no glitter placement! I didn't have to leave the bottle upside down, just a few good shakes. 

I definitely can't wait to use the rest of the XoXo Candy polishes in my stash in the very near future! Check out their great selection of polishes over at http://xoxonailcandy.com/.

*I'm on Top is a glossy topcoat by Oh So Naughty Nails. This swatch is part of a two week trial period using this topcoat. Full review will be available at a later time.

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