Indie Review: Oh So Naughty Nails

Happy Monday. It's the beginning of my vacation week that I have been looking forward to all month. I won't babble much but instead get straight into today's swatches. Today I'm sharing with you Oh So Naughty Nails, a Dallas Texas based indie line that is both 3-free and cruelty free. I'm super excited to share these swatches with you so let's get to it.

Please be aware that the names for each individual polish is explicit and sexual in nature. If you're easily offended then I encourage you not to read over the remainder of this post.

For this review and swatches, I was provided the base coat I'm ready and the topcoat I'm on Top. I have also been using this base and topcoat for my manicures the past week or so. I'm ready is a marvelous base coat, it dries in under a minute to a matte finish. This base is also formulated to guard against staining on your natural nails. I'm on Top is a topcoat that dries to a beautiful glossy finish within just a few minutes. I was not able to test longevity further than three days, however, in that time span I did not experience any chips. I'm also happy to report that I used this topcoat in a few nail art pieces and it did not smear any of my polish (a major plus in my book). Overall I recommend both products for your nail needs and I'm definitely picking myself up a full bottle of this base coat.

Now let's get to the beauties, shall we?

First up we have Blue Me Again, a bright blue polish filled with darker blue micro glitters.

Swatched this over no base color, using two thin coats, and sealed with a topcoat. The polish was good to work with but it looked a bit textured without a topcoat. Not a bad thing, it actually still looked rather striking. Adding the topcoat settled the glitters and gave it a smoother finish so I definitely recommend not skipping it.

Next up we have I Do It By My Own, a periwinkle blue shimmer polish filled with purple diamond-shaped glitters.

Swatched without a base color, used two thin coats, and sealed with a topcoat. This is another one that I'm not sure was supposed to be textured or not but it came out looking like it. Not a bad thing, however, since I do love textured polishes. The glitters came out with ease and the application was overall pretty good.

Next up we have Pretty Kitty, a gorgeous black jelly filled with various shaped red glitters.

Swatched on it's own without a base color, applied two thin coats with the dabbing method, and sealed with a topcoat. At first I was tempted to use black as a base and apply this polish over it, but I'm so glad I didn't. This looks absolutely breathtaking and is my pick for the 'must-have' from the entire collection. I didn't want to take this one off! The application was smooth, but like I said I did have to use the dabbing method a bit. The micro glitters in this one is what I think makes it really 'pop'.

Next up we have Red Light District, bright red jelly filled with various golden glitters.

Swatched without a base color, applied using three thin coats with the dabbing method, and sealed with a topcoat. I love bright red polishes! I didn't use an undie so I had to make sure I used at least three layers so that it wouldn't be as sheer. Great application and ease of use with the glitters. The name does add a nice touch as well, lol.

Next we have F*** it, I'm Drunk, is a light grey crelly filled with multi-colored glitters of all sizes.

Swatched with no base color, applied three thin coats using the dabbing method, and sealed with a topcoat. This cutie is so packed with glitters it's unbelievable that the application doesn't suffer. Glitters came out with ease on the brush and there was no need for placement. Though I do advise using the dabbing method for the sake of easiness. Also you'll probably find using an undie to be wise if the sheerness doesn't suit, I personally liked the way it looked without it.

And finally to round off the collection we have Two in the Pink, a pink shimmer polish filled with pink and yellow glitters.

Swatched without an undie, used two thin coats, and sealed with a topcoat. I really liked the shade of this one, moreso because it also has a slight blue shimmer to it. Unfortunately I was not able to capture the blue tint in the photos. The glitters in this one are minimal but that's because I had a bit of trouble with the brush. The brush ended up being a bit distorted, but nothing I couldn't fix. Smooth application otherwise.

Overall I'm so pleasantly surprised with this entire collection. Each polish had it's own unique 'kick' to it that made them stand out on their own.  I know the names are a little much for some people but I happen to like a little naughty here and there, haha. But seriously the names are a cute novelty that adds a nice touch to the indie line. I didn't experience any problems, application wise they were all pretty much on point and easy to use. With the vast variety in the collection, I'm sure there is one for everyone to enjoy.

This beautiful collection is set to release on March 19th. Make sure you're following Oh So Naughty Nails on Instagram for the latest information on releases and stock.

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Until next time guys, xoxo.


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