Supernatural Lacquer: Dean & The Impala Duo

Hello guys, is it Friday already? No? Almost? *faints* This week has been a total drag-fest. Probably because I've been feeling under the weather. Anyway I hope it hasn't been that terrible for you guys. One more day and it's the weekend! Today I have some beautiful polishes to share from Supernatural Lacquer. Are any of you a Supernatural fan? Yes? Good. Move away from the keyboard and get ready to drool.

GED & A Give Em' Hell Attitude is a navy green with a metallic and slight shimmer.

I have a massive collection (over 1k polishes) and I have to say I don't own any other one like this. It's gorgeous to say the very least. And if you're a Supernatural fan, then you should definitely love the very Dean-like feel of this polish. Swatched over a clear base, used three coats, and did not use a topcoat. I actually had no idea that this dried to a matte finish and I think I may love the matte finish more so than the glossy one. Formula wise this was excellent, wonderful application. It's actually sheer in one coat and you can achieve full opacity in two. I added the third layer to even out my brush strokes. You guys can totally add a topcoat but like I said I love the matte finish.

Driver Picks the Music, Shotgun Shuts His Cake Hole is a black jelly filled with silver holographic glitters.

What's Dean without his beloved classic Impala *swoon* I'm a sucker for that man and his wheels but who could blame me. This polish represents his baby so well. It's the classic black turned spectacular by the addition of the holo glitters. Swatched over a clear base coat, used three coats, and sealed with a fast drying topcoat. Sheer in one coat but fully opaque in about three coats. Formula wise this applies really well and doesn't require any glitter fishing. I do advise to let each layer dry before applying the next one though to avoid clumping.

Overall these polishes are the bees knees... no one says that phase anymore :/ but you know what I mean! Fantastic application, great consistency, and formula. I love how both polishes really would look amazing with matte and glossy finishes. Both represent Dean and his Impala really well so fan-stamp of approval. Now on to the sad news... these polishes are currently sold out and will not be restocked till possibly mid-summer. I know it sucks. But don't let that discourage you, go follow/like Supernatural Lacquer and be ready for the sure to be awesome restock and new releases.

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  1. Awesome polishes! I'm a new follower, found you on the brightside blog hop xo

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  2. Love your nails, how do you keep them so healthy?
    Found you on the bloghop and decided to follow you, because I really like your blog.
    My blog is in german but there is a translation button to translate it.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. This is AWESOME! I recently started watching Supernatural, so you couldn't have blogged this at a better time!

    I'm also in awe of your 1k polish collection!
    lexi @

  4. OMG, an indie brand inspired by Supernatural for all of their polishes ?! WOW, I will definitely check that out *___*