Twinkled T Vinyls pt 2

Hi guys. It's been a few days, how's it going? Talk about a crazy week! I've been running around trying to get my car working, which is finally does. Then I ended up falling going up the stairs of my house and bruising my already injured back. Starting off this new year with quite the bang. I feel absolutely dreadful about not updating, but I promise I'll make up for it! Today I'll be showing you what I've been working on for the last week or so. More vinyl and stencils from the amazing Twinkled T. If you recall, last Tuesday I showed you the first half of my review for them, which consisted of a few vinyls and one stencil. In today's post, I'll be showing you guys the remaining vinyls and stencil designs.

Twinkled T Vinyls

All vinyls and stencils here are created and sold by Twinkled T. This is part two of my lengthy and photo-heavy review. As I mentioned before, you can check out the first half of the review that covers an additional six vinyls and stencils here. Twinkled T is having a spectacular sale right now for 30% off, find more details and the code on their website.

Cyclone Vinyls
Twinkled T Cyclone Vinyls

Picking up where we left off, Cyclone Vinyls are a great example of the originality behind Twinkled T. It looks a little bit intense, but in actuality it's a lot simpler than it looks. One thing I do recommend is using a creme polish, it makes the vinyl process much easier. I ended up using a jelly, which caused some spots not to be as opaque as others. The swirl all the way down to the middle is crisp and clean. It creates an intense mani no matter which colors you decide on using. Polish used Salon Perfect Snow Cube as the base and Stardust Polish's Classy Chassis. You can purchase these for $5.00 per sheet and each sheet has 25 cyclones.

Twinkled T Cyclone Vinyls

Tetris & Cleo Vinyls
Twinkled T Tetris Vinyls
Twinkled T Cleo Vinyls

Tetris & Cleo Vinyls are another set of unique vinyls to this brand. I like the Tetris pattern for a full mani, whereas I think Cleo would be more ideal for an accent nail. And is it just me or does Cleo look like something scifi-ish? Removal is easy and beginner friendly as well because it leaves a very clean outline. Tetris is my personal favorite of the two so you'll definitely be seeing it again. Polishes used Zoya's Madeline and Jacqueline. Even though I have used them in a mani together, these vinyls are sold separately.

Twinkled T Tetris & Cleo Vinyls Mani

Slants Vinyls
Twinkled T Slant Vinyls

Slants are a very common design in the vinyl world. Simple, yet a classic. Super beginner friendly for those of you who have yet to try any vinyls. Perfect for the always cute half moon mani. You can purchase these for $5.00 per sheet and each sheet has 100 slants.

Twinkled T Slant Vinyls Mani

Triangle Stencils
Now here's where the real fun begins ladies... introducing Triangle Stencils. I should begin by saying I wanted to do a bit of experimentation with these and how to get the best results. For these triangle ones, I simply polished over the stencil and then pulled it off. Again, I found it easier to work with straight creme polishes as opposed to jellies or glitter polishes. As you can see with this mani, I had a bit of trouble getting every triangle in the stencil. At this point, I can simply take a small brush and finish the triangles that didn't form completely. For the sake of this review, I left the mani as is so that you guys could get a better feel for what the stencil left behind. Keep in mind, I'm pretty new to this and as with all things stencil use does take practice. 

Water Drops Stencils

And finally the last item to show is.... Water Drops Stencils! For this stencil, I decided that I would approach it a bit differently than the previous one. Instead of applying polish over the stencil, I instead took a small brush and filled in the water drops. This worked so much better for me! As you can see in my mani, the water drop outlines are crisp and very clean. I definitely prefer and recommend this method of application for a easier time, especially if you're new to stencils like I am.

Overall, as you guys can probably guess, I'm loving these vinyls and stencils. Prior to these reviews for Twinkled T, I had no stencil experience. It was a fun and interesting learning experience that requires a lot of patience. Best thing I can tell you when wanting to work with any vinyls is paint your nails and walk away from the polish for a half hour. It can be a little less time than that, but personally I like giving myself plenty of dry time. There is nothing worse than not waiting enough and having your polish peel off.

Twinkled T has a huge selection of vinyls, stencils, and so much more. The quality and adhesive of the vinyls and stencils is really fantastic. You can move them quite a few times to get better placement and not lose out on the stickiness. As I mentioned before, Twinkled T is having a sale for 30% off, find more details and the code on their website.

So guys tell me, would you like to see video tutorials for vinyl and stencil usage?  Do you think that might be helpful? Let me know, I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I love those water drops!! Tutorials on how to use the vinyls and stencils would be very helpful!

  2. I love how thorough you are with the review! The triangle and rain drops are definitely my faves! As far as nail art goes I'm a ride or die stamper but vinyls seem to be everywhere and have really caught my attention.

  3. I love all these. The variety of stencils out there now is so fun! I'll have to try some of these out in the future!

  4. These all look awesome! When it comes to what I can actually do with nail art, I'm not good at freehand design so I am always looking for a good vinyl or stencil to help out. I will have to give these a try. A video tutorial would be helpful :-)

  5. Lovely designs. Twinkled T stencils have great variety of stencils and some are unique like their swirls pattern. Yes, video tutorial with stencils is quiet popular on Instagram these days. would love to see some from you.

  6. Hope you are doing better and back is not hurting anymore.
    Loved all the designs. Vinyls can make life so easy. These make me feel like having some already :)

  7. These seem like so much fun! I love the cyclone design!

  8. Nice! I've got vinyls piled up but really should try some out.

  9. The water drops mani is the one that caught my eye! I also love the color combos you used in all of your manis in this review.

  10. I loved d triangles and droplets...

  11. that's a new thing , i liked how you used these stencils

  12. What an interesting concept with the stencils! For those that don't/can't/won't stamp it looks like you can get great designs easily using these. Did I miss the 30% already? I only see 10% on the Homepage. :(

    1. Yes, sadly it expired. But along with the normal 10% off they do free shipping across the US on vinyls and stencils.

  13. These are awesome! I am always looking to simple, easy nail art and vinyls is something I haven't really looked into…but I really want to now!

    Gorgeous photos and great designs :)