S'N'B Magic Peel-Off Basecoat Review

Hi guys. How's it going today? I'm doing something a bit different than my normal reviews so I'm pretty excited. Typically I don't tend to do reviews on nail care products too often. Though to be honest I am starting to think I really should. Especially when it comes to things I really end up loving and using regularly. For the past few weeks I have been using this product and I am finally ready to share my review for the Safe 'N' Beautiful Magic Peel-Off Base. I will also have a video showing it in action down below.

S'N'B' Nails have a large selection of products including children friendly nail polish and a line of nail treatments. All products on their website are available in more than 58 countries all over the world. The Magic Peel-Off Basecoat retails for 7.50€ (euros), which ends up being a little over $8 USD.

Let's get some of the obvious out of the way first. Yes, my natural nails are stained unfortunately but they are healthy. As someone who paints her nails at least a dozen times a day, every day, this is normal. S'N'B Magic Peel-Off Basecoat is not the first of its kind and I have had experience with quite a few notable ones in the past. The two most notable and ones I have the most experience with are Yellow Stopper from Sally's Beauty Supply and OPI's Peel-off basecoat.

Here are some key notes from their website:

  • Revolutionary formula—  Water-based formula, totally healthy for your nails. Contains a very original Polymer Resin that guarantees a peel-off removal
  • Environmentally friendly — from biodegradable packaging and lead-free bottles, to a strict no animal testing policy. 
  • Hypo-allergenic—  Our products are chemical, Paraben and toxin free, so nails are kept safe and sound and splendidly colored.
  • Offers nail protection — Nails are efficiently protected against staining and yellowing due to pigments discoloration. 

I have a video review of the S'N'B Magic Peel-Off Basecoat and you can see the peeling in action.

Some video notes:

  • I used one single thin layer of S'N'B Magic Peel-Off Basecoat per nail. In the aftermath I do feel I should of used a thicker layer for each nail.
  • I applied two - three coats of polish and a fast drying topcoat per nail. I then waited approximately 45 minutes for each nail to dry.
  • I did not use acetone for any removal during the video.  

As I mentioned in the video, here's my list of some quick pros I found while using this product.

  • The base coat dries super quickly on your nails, around two-three minutes. I felt it was not any longer than a normal base coat would be. 
  • The S'N'B Magic Peel-Off Basecoat has a clear base unlike some other similar products. 
  • Aside from swatching, a regular manicure lasted three days with minimal peeling around the free-edge. On the third day I had a large piece peel itself right off.  
  • There is no extra smell to the base as I expected there to be. In fact it has a very minimal smell to it at all.
  • It makes glitter removal a breeze. Even with the minimal residue it is a much faster way of removing polish.  

And the small list of cons I found while testing:

  • It does not fully peel off all your polish. No matter how many times I tested it I never got the polish 100% off my nail. 
  • As a swatcher/blogger I can't really get use of this on a daily basis. Usually as far as swatching goes, the polish would not be fully dry for removal and would probably be more of a mess than helpful.
  • Applying thick coats or two coats can sometimes make the nail too clumped and will cause visible bumps in the polish finish. 

Overall my experience with S'N'B Magic Peel-Off Basecoat was definitely much more pleasant than I was expecting it to be. I think my fellow polish addicts will find this super useful even moreso than I did. Especially those of you who may have given on up glitters solely based on how much of a pain removal can be. Without a doubt, it blows away glue-based peel off basecoats with the dry time alone. So while I won't be using this on a daily basis due to my swatching needs, I will definitely be using this for my weekend manicures (especially when I use glitters). Tell me guys, what do you think of the S'N'B Magic Peel-Off Basecoat? Have you tried it before or do you have a similar product you prefer?

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  1. What is that gold polish you used in the video? That's gorgeous! Thanks for the video review of these peel off base. I don't mine using a swipe of acetone after a peel off, as long as it's just to clean up small pieces and I don't need to soak glitter off.

  2. Look the same as the Yellow Stopper I use from Sally's if I take it off immediately after I'm done taking pics...love the review and I found the video helpful too. ;)

  3. This sounds like a great product for when I want to wear something for a few days and take it off quickly.

  4. As someone else mentioned this is sort of how yellow stopper worked for me.

  5. I rarely wear polish more than a day but I like these kinds of polish with a glitter.

  6. I'm glad you did a video. I haven't ever been a fan of peel off base coats though. Not one I'll be trying.