Nouveau Geek’s May 'Star Wars' Box

Hiya guys! How's it going? Hopefully better than me and my incredibly slow internet. I'm not even being sarcastic and complaining after waiting twenty seconds. It's been legit almost a whole minute and I can't play YouTube in the background as I type. On a serious note though if I end up going radio silent then there must be an outage in the area. Send wifi and donuts my way, kthx. Moving on, for today I am sharing such a special box with you guys! This is called the Nouveau Geek Box and this month it's Star Wars themed! Yes, calling out to all my fellow geeky nail girls this here is the box that our dreams are made of.

The Nouveau Geek box retails for $50 shipped for all US customers and $60 for international customers. The pre-order went live yesterday (May 4th, of course) and will remain open until May 11th. That's right, you have one week only to purchase this kick-butt box! The pre-order will only be available at

Nouveau Geek’s May Box is a Star Wars themed and it of course released on 'May the Fourth Be With You' Day. Perfectly timed there! Not only this is box filled with pretty polishes, but it has a few other goodies perfect for fans of the Force! Not shown is also a light-up lightsaber key-chain, which when I receive mine I will be sure to share it.

First up we have some custom Star Wars vinyls and decals by Toadarrific Vinyls. So many cute designs, especially those lightsabers! Totally love. The other vinyls include the infamous Dark Vader, Yoda, and the symbol of the Rebel Alliance.

Where my planner girls at?! I am so in love with this from the second I saw it. Those of us in the planner community use these kinds of clips to decorate the front pockets of our planners! I'm always excited when there is an overlap in my two hobbies #plannerpolishgirl. Anyhow, this adorable storm trooper is from First Sunday Handmade.

Alter Ego Body Care Products has quite the goodies in this box and also a polish as well. Included in this box is a glossy topcoat (which I used for all my swatches here), a hand/cuticle cream, and a sample-size of mens cologne. And my husband thinks my hobbies don't include him, pfft this one is for you babe haha. The scent of the cologne was a bit on musky side, which personally I really think it suits my guy so I loved it. The cream also had a nice smooth feeling to it, it wasn't too thick, and it absorbed well.

Now let's take a look at the polishes!

Alter Ego’s - Rebel Princess

Rebel Princess by Alter Ego can be described as a rich brown holo polish. Inspired by Princess Leia Organa and her cunning escape from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt. I love, love, love this shade! I don't know if it's because it's inspired by the best princess of them all or because it suits my skin-tone so well. Let's go with a combination of both, haha. The formula has a smooth application and builds up well on its own. No issues whatsoever with this beauty. Shown here in two thin coats and topcoat.

Leesha’s Lacquer’s - Planet of Lost Beauty

Planet of Lost Beauty by Leesha’s Lacquer can be described as a turquoise/green color shifting polish with blue/green flakies. Inspired by Alderaan, Princess Leia's home planet. I felt like I developed a little bit of a love hate relationship with this polish. The formula applied a bit on the thick side and needed some dabbing on the second coat. In the end though, it does create a really unique look so to me it's worth the extra patience during the application. Shown here in two coats plus topcoat.

Sassy Pants Polish - Saber the Moment

Saber the Moment by Sassy Pants Polish can be described as a turquoise shimmer polish with blue sparks. Inspired by Luke Skywalker's first lightsaber, which had originally belonged to his father. The formula has a smooth application, but it is sheer and needs some layering for an opaque finish. A minimal amount of visible brush strokes in the finish, which I really didn't mind at all. Also no staining during my wear of this polish! Shown here in three coats and topcoat.

 Supernatural Lacquer - In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away by Supernatural Lacquer can be described as a black crelly with gold flake and shimmer. Inspired by the iconic opening text from the movie. Definitely my favorite one from the box, I've had it on for a few days now and cannot get enough of it. There is so much depth and dimension in the finish, simply gorgeous. The formula was fantastic, not too thick or too thin. The glitters dispersed well throughout the application and left behind a smooth finish. Shown here in two coats and glossy topcoat.

Overall as a Star Wars girl I have to say that this box is so well put together for the occasion. Every one of the polishes really hits home and nails (pun intended) their respective inspiration. Though I have to say, not a lot of love for the dark side if that's what you gravitate more towards (like me). I would have loved to see perhaps a green or a red shade instead of two shades in the blue color range. But what do you guys think about this box? Will you be embracing the force within you and grabbing yourself one before it's too late?

To recap, the Nouveau Geek box retails for $50 shipped for all US customers and $60 for international customers. The pre-order went live yesterday and will remain open until May 11th. The pre-order will only be available at

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  1. Rebel Princess is my favorite--so beautiful!

  2. I love In a Galaxy Far Far away! Perfect theme!

  3. Ugh your swatches make me swoon a little 😍

  4. Rebel Princess is so pretty, I like all brown shades :)

  5. I neeeeed those vinyls something fierce. I'm not even kidding. I love all the polishes and the goodies. What a creative and fun idea. <3 Beautiful job with this review. :-)