Ellison's Organics - Summer at the Seashore Collection

Hiya guys! We've made it through another week and it's time to relax. In my case, it's time to mani it up as I have the whole weekend to myself. Well myself and my polish! I've been obsessed with stamping as of late, so I am beyond excited to share these polishes with you. Today I'll be showing you guys the Summer at the Seashore Collection by Ellison's Organics, which are three creamy stamping polishes. I reviewed some stamping cremes from this indie a few months ago and since then I was eagerly awaiting for the expansion of this line. Let's go ahead and get started with this review!

The Summer at the Seashore Collection by Ellison's Organics is currently available for purchase. Each full-size bottle (15mL) retails for $12.00.

Ellison's Organics - By the Seashore

By the Seashore can be described as a soft creamy blue creme. Inspired by the beach sky and early morning waves. My favorite amongst the three, both as a stand-alone color and as a stamping polish. The formula has a fantastic application and it's actually almost a one coater. I ended up doing two more as a form of habit, but I can see you easily getting away with just one. There is also no staining upon removal, I wore it for 24 hours without a base coat as a test. Yup guys, I live dangerously like that haha. Shown here in two coats and topcoat.

Ellison's Organics - Keeping Up With Current Events

Keeping Up With Current Events can be described as a gentle teal creme. Inspired by those peaceful moments when we dip our toes in the waves at the beach. I love the muted undertone for this teal, it really suited my skin-tone. The formula has a smooth application and there was no staining on removal here either. Although the color is really opaque on the nail, when used for stamping I do wish it was a bit more pigmented Shown here in two coats and topcoat.

Ellison's Organics -  She Sells Seashells

She Sells Seashells can be described as a soft, creamy pink. Inspired by the lovely pink inside of seashells found along the beach. Personally I don't feel this one falls in the pink color range, to me I think it's more of a dusky beige with a warm undertone. That said, I do love this shade so much! It falls very much into the neutral range for me and it's something I can see myself getting a lot of use of for nail art. The formula for this one felt a lot more on the thinner side than the other two. Shown here in three coats and topcoat.

And, of course, I had to do some nail stamping as well. I wanted to showcase each of the colors over black and white to gauge the pigmentation. All three show up on black perfectly, though as I mentioned before I do wish Keeping Up With Current Events had a bit more teal pigmentation.  Also She Sells Seashells does stamp over white, but obviously it's super hard to see the contrast.

But what's a stamping polish review without some manicures using the goods. I definitely plan on doing a few more manis during the weekend using these polishes as well!

Overall I'm definitely loving these polishes for all nail art intensive purposes. If you're into stamping as much as I am then I cannot pick these apart, they all feel like must-haves to me. Personally I know I'm ready to see some neon and darker vamp colors released from this indie to serve our stamping needs! What do you guys think of these cremes? Any stamping fans going to add these to their collection?

To recap, the Summer at the Seashore Collection by Ellison's Organics is currently available for purchase. Each full-size bottle (15mL) retails for $12.00.

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  1. These look wonderfully creamy! And I am in love with your stampicures; polishes with a dual purpose are amazing!

  2. This colours are beautiful. I love Keeping Up With Current Events in particular, but then I'm a sucker for muted teals.

  3. Super beautiful, I love that they stamp too! Your finished looks are gorgeous!

  4. While I don't feel these are quite up to par with other indie brands of stamping polish, the colors look really pretty and it's great to see more stamping polish options. I do think that they need to be a bit more pigmented.