Bad Bitch Polish - Liquor Cabinet - Gin Trio

Hiya guys! Today I'm sharing the Gin Trio by Bad Bitch Polish, which you might have caught a glimpse of on my YouTube channel late last week. This trio is part of an overall collection of alcohol inspired polishes that will be releasing every two weeks. Each one of the trios will be consisting of a drink (jelly polish) and two mixers (glitter toppers). All the polishes will be interchangeable with one another for a lot of fun and unique combinations.  

The Gin Trio by Bad Bitch Polish will be releasing on Friday, June 10th at 8 am PST. The whole trio will retail for $27 and each polish will be available individually for $9.50.

For the Gin trio, I decided to share some video swatches of these in action for you guys. Please check it out and be sure to subscribe for more videos weekly. Now let's get to the details on these polishes!

 Bad Bitch Polish - Gin

Gin can be described as a blue jelly the color of sapphire gin. I can see myself getting a lot of use from this one, like lead-lighting in stamping and for pond manicures. You can also mix it up with glitters (like the other two polishes in this trio) for some jelly sandwiches. The formula has a great application with no patching and fantastic self-leveling. As a jelly polish, it has a really sheer finish so even after three coats you will see a nail line. Shown here in two-three coats and a layer of glossy topcoat.

 Bad Bitch Polish - Tonic

Tonic can be described as a white glitter bomb with lots of sparkle. This one is definitely meant as a topper, but you can layer it on its own although not to a full finish. The formula has amazing glitter pay-off and I felt like I had perfect coverage after one coat. There is some minimal dabbing needed to make sure the glitters are evenly spread throughout the nail. Shown here over Gin in one-two coats and a glossy topcoat.

 Bad Bitch Polish - Mint

Mint can be described as a multi shade green glitter bomb with a hint of green shimmer. I'm actually not one to love green polishes, but there is something too fun about this one. The glitter combination is so gorgeous and unique! This can be layered as a topper or built up for a full finish (like shown here). The formula is on the thicker side, but it has a manageable and easy application. The glitters need minimal dabbing so as to not to clump around the edges. It does dry to a textured finish due to the heavy glitters, but topcoat will smooth it out. Shown here in two-three coats plus a glossy topcoat.

Overall I am loving the creativity and inspiration behind this trio and those to come.Mind you, I'm not a drinker or anything but I got such a huge kick out of wearing these. Especially together! I kept telling my hubs 'hey look, I'm wearing gin and tonic' haha. That aside, I've been hoping to add more jelly polishes to my collection for layering purposes and if they all turn out like this one then I am definitely sold. I'll be sharing photos of some layered looks with these polishes in the next few days so be on the look out for that! But tell me guys, what do you think of these polishes? Do you love the inspiration as much as I do?

To recap, the Gin Trio by Bad Bitch Polish will be releasing on Friday, June 10th at 8 am PST. The whole trio will retail for $27 and each polish will be available individually for $9.50.

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  1. I paired Gin with Tonic too, it's a lovely combo!

  2. Really fabulous trio. Loving Bad Bitch Polish a lot. Your swatches look fantastic. :-)

  3. Such an awesome trio! I like them all separate and together, they look great!

  4. I love your swatches! You could sell me anything!

  5. Mint is soooo pretty. Not your ordinary glitter thing. A must try!