Ellison's Organics - Mani Defender

So... what's the stuff around your nails?? 

                    What's that orange stuff?? 

                                     Does anyone know what the stuff she uses around her nail is called???

I'm sure anyone who does nail art videos on Instagram has felt the struggle of answering these questions over and over again. Even though, you now, it's right in the caption. Haha. Hiya guys! Today I'm sharing my review on Mani Defender, which is the liquid latex by the indie brand Ellison's Organics. You actually might have seen me using these for the past month during nail tutorials! I wanted to make sure I got a lot of use out of it before I sat down to give you my thoughts, so now let's go ahead and jump right in.

Mani Defender by Ellison's Organics is now available for purchase, with the orange latex being LE. Each bottle retails for $6.75 and comes in a 15 mL (0.5 oz) size. Pricing is one of the first things I consider when purchasing liquid latex and this is one of the least expensive ones I've seen around. Very affordable and you're getting your moneys worth in sizing alone.

Ellison's Organics has Mani Defender stocked on her site year-round, but what makes this one different than the normal listing is the color of the latex. This special edition Mani Defender is a fun summer orange shade instead of the regular blue! I personally love my latex in any color that isn't nude, white, or sheer. I like being able to spot the latex around the nail easily while I'm working, especially if it's a mani that needs a lot of clean-up. In the past I've used clear/nude latex and then I would end up missing areas because it blended to my skintone.

The formula remains exactly the same as the original MD, so that does mean this product contains latex. So if you're allergic to latex (or think you might be, don't risk it) stay away! I'll have another post in the future discussing alternatives for those of you that are allergic to latex.

While the latex is wet it will appear really bright like an almost neon orange. Once it dries down you can see it change to a much darker orange hue. This is definitely another reason why I love using colored latex like this one! It's super easy to notice once it's fully dry and you can begin working on your nails.

Dry time was relatively quick/decent clocking in at around a minute and a half. Keep in mind this was in a room with the air conditioner turned on, but not close by. This is an aroma-free liquid latex so there is no smell of glue or latex when using it. I'm usually someone who is very sensitive to smells, but I was able to hold this under my nose and couldn't smell anything coming from it.

I've used Mani Defender in a few different manicures: a gradient, stamping, and a watermarble. By far the most impressive was the watermarble because I had no clean-up where the latex was applied! You can see the removal process is a breeze in each one of videos and I had no issues with the peel. Something else I would like to note is the fact that my skin remained moisturized after the removal. In some cases with other brands I have experienced extreme dryness around my nail after I finish my manicure. For the longest time I thought that dryness was just part of using liquid latex, so this ended up being a really nice surprise!

Overall I think if you're in the market for a new liquid latex or haven't ever tried any out before, then you'll definitely want to check this one out. As I mentioned earlier, it is really inexpensive and you get a lot of product for the price. This is all coming from someone who has extensively tried out quite a few brands (at least a dozen). Maybe I'll do a mini series of my experiences with the ones I have tried out (let me know if this is something you'd like to read about).

Anyway I guess at the end of the day the question really is, will I purchase a bottle after my sample is finished? The answer to that is a resounding 'YES!' because I have loved using it so far and don't see that changing by the time I reach the bottom of the bottle. If it does end up changing though I will make sure to update this post and let you guys know!

To recap, Mani Defender by Ellison's Organics is now available for purchase, with the orange latex being LE. Each bottle retails for $6.75. and comes in a 15 mL (0.5 oz) size.

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  1. I really love that you can see when the latext is dry with this. I am on the hunt for a good latex barrier for nail art and your review convinced me I need to check this out. Thank you for writing such a thorough and helpful review. The photos are awesome and very helpful too. Excellent job. <3

  2. Very thorough review, one of the best reviews I've seen for a latex barrier. Great job!

  3. Nice review, It will be great if you share your review on all late yo have tried !

  4. Lovely review. I love that this comes in a color as well as left around your cuticles hydrated. I'm going to have try this one out sometime.

  5. Hi! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog via GFC. Great review, BTW!

  6. I may need to check this out. All the ones I use now cause my cuticles to dry so badly.

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