Nail Hoot - Anniversary Duo

Hiya guys. I'm back with another post and more swatches to share. Now it's time for us to get super pumped and excited because we're celebrating the one year anniversary of the indie Nail Hoot! A huge congratulations to Brandie on all her successes this past year and here's to many more. Okay so the swatches I'm sharing with you in this post are Nail Hoot's Anniversary Duo! Let's get to the sparkly goodness!

The Anniversary Duo by Nail Hoot is now available for purchase and retails as a full-size (15mL) set for $13.50. Individually each full-size bottle retails for $7.00 (15mL)and the mini size (5.5mL) for $4.95.

Nail Hoot - Look Whoo's Turning One 

Look Whoo's Turning One can be described as a purple to blue duo-chrome with holo micro-glitters. This was such a tough polish to photograph because my camera kept flipping out over the sparkle, haha. You and me both there buddy! The formula has a great smooth application throughout. The consistency is a bit sheer, but does build up easily for a fully opaque finish. If you don't have a light hand like I do then you could probably get away with two coats. It does dries to a very light gritty finish that needs a topcoat to smooth out. Shown here in three coats and sealed with a glossy topcoat.

Nail Hoot - Whooo Wants Cake 

Whooo Wants Cake can be described as a green-purple duo-chrome with holo micro-glitters. Green polishes are never on the top of my list, but there are always exceptions to that rule. This polish is the king of exceptions! Same great formula with this one as the other in the duo. The consistency is sheer on a first coat, but builds up surprisingly opaque with the second. There is a bit of a gritty finish when it's dry, but one coat of topcoat and it smooths out perfectly. Shown here in two coats plus a glossy topcoat.

Overall I'm in love with both of these super unique polishes. As someone who has worn Nail Hoot polishes from nearly the launch, these have the feeling of familiarity when you look at the bottles. The unique combination of shimmer and sparkle have become a signature of Nail Hoot. The intensity of the sparkle though is unlike any of her previous polishes (and mind you these photos are taken in a light-box). If you haven't tried out Nail Hoot for yourself yet, then these are without a doubt the ones to pick up and get started with!

To recap, the Anniversary Duo by Nail Hoot is now available for purchase and retails as a full-size (15mL) set for $13.50. Individually each full-size bottle retails for $7.00 (15mL)and the mini size (5.5mL) for $4.95.

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  1. These are gorgeous and a new to me brand...thanks.

  2. These are complex polishes, the pair go really well together. And as always your swatches are, like, totally perfect.

  3. Gorgeous polishes!! I like the duochrome and the holo sparkle and they look beautiful together! What a fun duo!

  4. Beautiful swatches! I think Whooo Wants Cake is my favourite x