Tux Polish - The Uptown Funk Glitters

Hiya guys! I apologize in the delay getting my post up, but I have taken a turn for the worse in my treatment to get my iron levels up. There is quite a bit of explaining to do so I'll be making a post this week explaining it all and what you can expect from me in the next few weeks. But aside from that, it's finally time I share swatches for remaining polishes in the Uptown Funk Collection by Tux Polish. Get ready to be bombarded with glitter!

The Uptown Funk Collection by Tux Polish is now listed and available for purchase. Each full-size (10mL) polish will retail between $9.00 to $10.00. The collection will be sold as a whole (12 polishes), individually, and as sub-sets.

Tux Polish - Livin' It Up In The City

Livin’ It Up In The City can be described as a neon blue glitter and holo glitter. Starting off with my favorite glitter in this whole review, but as a major 'blue' fan it should come as no surprise. This glitter polish can be used as a topper or for full coverage as I did here. Formula has a nice consistency that makes applying the glitters very easy. Because it's clear based, it takes about three layers for it to build up and even then you can see the nail line peeking through. Shown here is three coats sealed with topcoat.

Tux Polish - Say What?!

Say What?! can be described as a neon yellow glitter and holo glitter. I don't think I have a yellow full-coverage glitter quite like this in my collection prior to this making this one very unique to me. The formula and application is similar to that of Livin’ It Up In The City and doesn't require much effort to achieve full coverage. The layers build up perfectly and will dry to a super gritty finish. Shown here in three coats and topcoat.

Tux Polish - Gotta Kiss Myself I'm So Pretty

Gotta Kiss Myself I’m So Pretty can be described as a neon pink glitter and holo glitter. Great formula with perfect distribution of the glitters in each stroke. I felt the formula to this one had a bit more coverage so I used one less layer than the previous two. Shown here is two coats sealed with topcoat.

Tux Polish - My Band’s Bout That Money

My Band’s Bout That Money can be described as a neon green glitter and holo glitter. As bright as these first four glitters polishes are, this one is truly the one that screams neon to me. So bright and glows intensely under black-light. Smooth formula and application like the other neon glitters. It gave me such perfect amount of coverage I didn't feel I needed any glitter manipulation. Shown here is two coats sealed with topcoat.

Tux Polish - Uptown Funk You Up

Uptown Funk You Up can be described as a sheer white neon glitter bomb crelly. The best part about this? The glitters actually glow under black-light! White crelly with multi-colored glitters, yeah I don't care what anyone says I can't have enough. Formula was a good balance between thick and thin, which made layering have a smooth application. There is no dabbing needed, the glitters disperse evenly on the nail on their own. This is so glitter heavy it will have a textured gritty finish on its own and will need a thick layer of topcoat. Shown here is two coats sealed with double the topcoat.

Tux Polish - That White Gold

That White Gold can be described as a white and gold shredded glitter topper. This is the only glitter polish in the collection that cannot be layered for full coverage and must be worn over a base. I was surprised by how much I ended liking this one since shredded glitters aren't normally a favorite of mine. The consistency was great and the brush had ample glitters in one brush stroke. I did do minimal dabbing with the second coat to make sure my nail had even coverage. Shown in two layers over black with glossy topcoat.

Tux Polish - 1/2 Time Show

1/2 Time Show can be described as a blinged-out black, white, and gold based glitter bomb. Inspired by this year's fun Super Bowl half time show that featured Bruno Mars and "Uptown Funk". Like the four neons, this polish can be worn over a base or layered for full coverage. The finish will be semi-textured due to all the glitters, but can easily be smoothed down. Shown here is two coats and topcoat.

Overall if you're a glitter lover such as myself then you're going to fall in love with ever one of these. The glitters compliment the other half (the cremes) of the collection very well and could be used in conjunction with them for endless combinations! I feel it has been a while since I have seen so much versatility in a collection, which is perfect considering this is a very large set (12 polishes total). What do you guys think of the glitter half? Or do you prefer the cremes over the glitter polishes in this collection?

To recap, the Uptown Funk Collection by Tux Polish is now listed and available for purchase. Each full-size (10mL) polish will retail between $9.00 to $10.00. The collection will be sold as a whole (12 polishes), individually, and as sub-sets.

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  1. These glitters looks so special, 1/2 Time Show is my favorite!

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  4. Those microglitters look great layered on their own!

  5. These polishes are beautiful. I'm sorry you're not well right now. I hope you get everything you need to get back to feeling ok soon.

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