Digit-al Dozen - Gradient Week - Day 2

Hiya guys! I wish I could be tell you I have another beautiful manicure to share with you for Digit-al Dozen gradient week. Unfortunately the nail gods had another plan for me. You know one of those nights where you can't do anything right? Like you can't even paint your nail with a base coat without getting it everywhere and knocking down your acetone every two seconds. Yup, that was me. Somehow or another I ended up getting a mani done through it all and this is what I came up with.

This really didn't turn out the way I had hoped it would have when I started my night. But honestly after three nail fails, I gave up on the idea of having a bomb mani. You win some, you lose some.

Even though this didn't turned out the way I was hoping it would, I'm not giving up on the idea for it. I love doing spotted gradients so much and these shades from Tux Polish are just love. I'll be using them for a ton of manicures in these next few weeks, as well as, showing swatches. But anyway, like I said I think the idea was there just not done the way I would of liked. So I'll be retrying this look perhaps with a different image and accent nail.

Here's everything I used to create this look:

  • Polishes: Tux Polish - Girls Hit Your Hallelujah, Hollywood, Don't Believe Me Just Watch, and I'm Too Hot
  • Bundle Monster: Festival Collection Plate S301 & S305 
  • Pueen - Stamping Polish: Black Jack
  • Clear Stamper (I purchased mine from Amazon) 
  • Liquid Latex from Liquid Palisade
  • Top Coat: Seche Vite

Matte was just not the way to go here. Normally it doesn't make much of a difference and I actually prefer going matte with bright colors... but here... just no. But then again, gloss was just not doing it for me either. You guys will probably look at this and think 'Oh my gosh Rose you're crazy, these are pretty', but you know me. I am my own worse critic, but I think this is true for all of us.

I'm a day behind, but I'll be catching up by double posting sometime this week. Don't forget to check out the other talented artists from the Digit-al Dozen and their nail art during Gradient week. Catch you guys tomorrow with hopefully a non-nail fail!


  1. Yup I think these are just lovely! But like you said we are our own worst critic!

  2. It's so pretty! But I can relate to the disappointment of not really getting what you envisioned.

  3. I love the mani you came up with; but I had to chuckle I have more days like that then I care to admit! :)

  4. I hate how good your stamping is. I suck at it. This is beautiful!

  5. Oh my gosh Rose you're crazy, these are pretty!

    And I mean it!

  6. I think these look awesome!! I love that full stamping image and the base you put under it, is just amazing<3