Supernatural Lacquer - May Subscription Box

Hiya loves! I don't know about you guys, but I love me some subscription boxes. Whether it be for gaming, planner stickers, or indie polish I am all about signing up. Admittedly, probably a little too much haha. Today I am sharing the May subscription box for Supernatural Lacquer, which will be Mother's Day themed. Unlike other subscriptions, this is not automatically deducted but instead done through a pre-order process. 

The Supernatural Lacquer May box retails for $13 each and does include shipping within the US. There are international shipping options as well! Pre-order begins on April 15th at 9PM EST and goes through April 22nd at 9PM EST. Shipping of the boxes will begin on May 2nd/3rd.

The May subscription box includes one full-size bottle of an exclusive shade, one apple pie scented mani bomb from Lolita Lacquer., and a whole bunch of candy... which is not shown in the photo because I ate it shortly after receiving it. What can I say I saw candy and I went into little kid mode and forgot to take photos for my post, haha.

Monster, May I? can be described as a black jelly base packed with various metallic flakes, two different ultra chameleon chrome flakes and purple shimmer. This polish is inspired after the mother of all monsters in the Supernatural universe, Eve!

The formula has a really smooth application and great coverage with a single coat. You can easily get away with applying just one thick coat and have an opaque finish. To me, it does feel more like a crelly in that sense rather then a jelly finish. Either way though, the combination is gorgeous! This polish does dry to a gritty finish due to the amount of glitters and flakies, but can be smoothed down with a thick layer of topcoat.

I'll have a video swatch posted on my YouTube channel this week so you guys can see it in action.

Of course, I had to matte-it-up and just take a look at those flakies! What do you think guys, matte or gloss? Sound off in the comments!

Featuring: Lolita Lacquer - mani bomb

As I mentioned before, there is one mani bomb in this box from Lolita Lacquer. The apple-pie scented mani bomb also draws on Supernatural for inspiration as it is shaped like a devils trap, scented like Dean's favorite food, and splattered with a touch of Leviathan goo! It crumbles fairly easily without completely falling apart in your hand. And the scent is so delicious! You get an immediate whiff of the smell as soon as you open the box. A live demo will be included in my YouTube video going up later this week.

Overall as a fan of the Supernatural show I am head over heels with this box. I love that even though it's Mother's Day themed it goes the extra mile to be different and it pays off. Not only that, but I feel it's a reasonably priced subscription box and you definitely get a bang for your buck. The polish formula is what we have come to expect from Supernatural Lacquer (fantastic) and the mani-bomb adds a nice touch. Because seriously there is no such thing as not loving a mani-bomb, especially ones with a great scent to them!

To recap, the Supernatural Lacquer May box retails for $13 each and does include shipping within the US. Pre-order begins on April 15th at 9PM EST and goes through April 22nd at 9PM EST. Shipping of the boxes will begin on May 2nd/3rd.

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  1. Oh, man, I love that, and it's even better matted!

  2. Not every polish looks good matted, but that one really shines mattified (pun intended) <3

  3. Love how this looks and even more when matte!

  4. This looks equally gorgeous in matte and glossy form! And pie! Dean and I definitely have a love for pie in common :D

  5. Gorgeous polish in every way. And looks gorgeous matte ♡

  6. OOHHH!!! Loving this color. I think I actually like it more with a topcoat, which is weird because I usually like flakies matted out.

  7. I'm not big on dark colors but WOW! That mani bomb is adorable too.

  8. I always forget to post candy anytime I get any because my daughter or I get to it lol. This looks amazing matte!

  9. Love this!!!! I'm a fan of black polish and I don't own anything like this! I'm al a big fan of Supernatural, so that's another plus!

  10. How did I not know about this box?? That polish and the mani bomb are perfect for Supernatural. I love it!