Nicole Diary Stamping Plate ND-103 Review

Hiya guys! Today I'm sharing a review for a stamping plate from the store Nicole Diary. This is a fairly new shop that has opened up through Aliexpress (and Amazon) and is based in China. I was sent about five plates for review, so I wanted to break it down and create a post per plate. This way I can create quite a few manicures and you guys won't feel overwhelmed with photos. The plate I'll be looking at today is ND-103, which you may have seen me use quite a few times already. Let's go ahead and get started!

Nicole Diary products can be purchased through both of their storefronts: Aliexpress and Amazon. Each square plate retails for $1.29-$1.99 depending on the storefront and the current sale.  From what I've seen the prices do seem a little cheaper going through Aliexpress. I also have a coupon code at the end of this post that you can use with either shop to receive a free gift.

Plate ND-103 has two larger images and three smaller ones. All of the images are able to provide full nail coverage in just one stamp. Some of the images on the plate need a bit of placement, but not much that you couldn't wing it without a clear stamper. All the manicures I created with this plate I ended up using a non-clear sticky marshmallow stamper.

For this manicure I created a watermarble using the Vintage Creme Collection from Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish, Stamped over the watermarble with Midnight Mischief from Painted Polish. I love how bold this pattern was on the plate so I thought it would be perfect to use over a colorful watermarble base. It totally manages to steal the focus away from the marble and onto the detailed pattern.

The base for this manicure is Bermuda and it's from Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish. Stamped over with Color Club On The Rocks, which isn't a stamping polish but really should be. The stamping image itself feels almost very bohemian, but I decided to go for something a little different. Using the silver to stamp it with gave the whole look a very metallic futuristic vibe to me, which I totally ended up loving!

And this manicure you may recognize from a few weeks ago when I created it during Digit-al Dozen Fashion Week. It's inspired by the dress that Beyonce wore during the 2014 Grammys. Here's a breakdown of everything I used:

  • Polishes: OPI Bubble Bath and Rica Whiteout
  • Born Pretty Store - Nail Art Brush Item #21980
  • Stamping Plate - Nicole Diary ND-103
  • Vinyls from Polished Vino
  • Liquid Latex from Ellison's Organics
  • Top Coat: Seche Vite

You can check out the original post for more details and also a video tutorial.

In June during Digit-al Dozen week I created another manicure using this plate as well! I used the floral lace design over a rainbow gradient, which you can read more about over on this post.

Overall I think the quality of this plate is really great and on par with other stamping plates in my collection from various suppliers. I didn't experience any issues with picking up the images for any of my manicures, which is always a good sign of a quality plate. As you may know I am a huge stamping fanatic and I have to say I definitely recommend these for stamping beginners or veterans alike. Also it's really affordable coming in at under two dollars with free shipping! Definitely worth the try in my book.

If you want to try out this stamping plate for yourself then be sure to use the code Ro2016. This code can be used in either storefront, just leave the gift code with the order note and Nicole Diary will include a free gift with your order. You can also find Nicole Diary on Instagram so be sure to give them a follow!


  1. Love the art you did with these--the teal is my favorite!

  2. Love all of these designs! Great stamping. Def going to check out that plate.

  3. Gorgeous, I love all three of these looks. :)

  4. I love the designs, the third is my favorite! So beautiful and delicate.

  5. I guess I was incredibly unlucky with my ND plates because only one out of three works. A second one is really hard to pick up anything, and the last one just doesn't work at all. I hate that because the patterns are so amazing.

  6. Dead. That first mani is stunning, but they just kept getting better. I wish I could stamp.

  7. All of your nail art looks are so intricate and complicated looking and utterly gorgeous.