Galaxy Heart Nail Art Design Tutorial || Valentine's Day Nails

Hiya guys! Happy Valentine's Day! Not only am I coming at you with a post today, but it's actually a nail art blog post. And not only that but I even went as far as to record a tutorial. This is not a drill you guys, I have uploaded my first video in well over two years. It's time to break out the wine, do a little happy dance, and eat some chocolate bon-bons to celebrate the occasion. To say I am excited feels like an understatement, but more than anything I feel proud of myself. I knew for months that I wanted to get back to creating nail art and recording, but it was an 'easier said than done' fat mood. I did everything - plan the design, practice on sticks, write down the instructions - except for actually sitting down and doing it. I want to think it was all just anxiety, but there definitely some classic procrastination in the mix as well. Of course now that I have done this first video I feel like I want to sit down and record every day. The whole process was kind of riding a bike... except I never learned how to ride to a bike so probably not a good analogy to use, haha.

To kick my channel and blog off again I wanted to do nail art that was on the simple side. But I also wanted to incorporate the season/holiday of Valentine's Day without being too in your face. These galaxy heart nails can be worn easily year round no matter the occasion, but it's also something different than most love day manicures you see around.

Here's a breakdown of the tools and polishes I used to create this nail art look. Remember this is just all the stuff I personally used, all of them can be easily substituted. You can even free-hand the hearts unlike me because my free-hand hearts look like butts. No one wants butts for Valentine's Day... well maybe... Ah, okay here's the list of nail stuff!

  • INM Out The Door Nail Lacquer: White Porcelain and Celine's Jelly Bean
  • Acrylic Paint - Artist Loft: Black, White, and Cobalt
  • Heart Nail Vinyls (similar ones found at Twinkled T)
  • Whats Up Nails - Dance #24 Detail Brush
  • Make-Up Sponges
  • Seche Vite Gloss Topcoat

I cannot believe how much time has passed since my last YouTube video. Like two actually years. What even is life, haha. Or time for that matter. And I'm not even going to try and lie to you guys, I was nervous as heck while recording this. More-so over the voice-over part, haha. The amount of cursing during the out-takes were at an all time high. Part of me wishes I kept the recordings, haha. I can't even begin to tell you how bad it was during the actual recording process and the mess I made for that matter. But I sure did miss the chaos of it all and I am so happy I decided to give myself time to fall in love with it again.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video tutorial even though it is a simple nail art look. It definitely made me want to do a full nail galaxy look, so don't be too surprised if that comes up sooner than later. I also plan on re-doing some of my older looks from way back in the day. I figured it'd be a good way to get some practice in and also have updated versions of some of my favorite designs. And you guys get new videos of course, so it's wins all around!

Galaxy Heart Nail Art Design Tutorial || Valentine's Day Nails

Let me know what you guys think down in the comments or over on YouTube! I don't know how often I'll be uploading, but at the very least I am aiming to do it twice a month. Like I said, most things will probably be on the simple side as I get back into nail art and learn to do things all over again. Any suggestions for looks you'd like to see are greatly appreciated!

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