BTS Bon Voyage Season 4 Luggage Tags

Hiya guys! It's just another day in the lovely Rose household where I am surrounded by pups giving me harsh allergies. Things are going swell. With swell being a pun for my actual swollen itchy eyeballs. Sigh. Things are ruff... The puns are just writing themselves guys I have no control over the situation. But in all seriousness, my poor little eyes are killing me and all these different meds aren't really doing it for me. I think I have found the best relief so far with Allegra and thankfully I'm able to get through most of the days without having to cover my eyes with a cloth. One of the handful of reasons your girl here has been a little too kicked back and not posting. But today I discovered I had these photos taken and edited months ago... so it's probably about time I get to writing this down I guess, haha. Today I'm sharing another BTS merch related post, these are the WeVerse exclusive Bon Voyage Season 4 Luggage Tags. These came out quite a while ago (like last summer maybe) and I have had them since last Fall. I had almost forgot about them if I'm being honest since it feels like a whole lifetime ago at this point. I ended up finding the tags on my shelf, which made me look for the photos and well boom here we are.

These luggage tags are still available for purchase on WeVerse shop although they remain being exclusive to those who purchased the entire season of Bon Voyage 4. The entire digital season of Bon Voyage 4 retails for just under $20 and contains eight episodes that are an hour long each with some behind the scenes clips thrown in as well. Once you have the season tied into your WeVerse account you can then access the ability to purchase these luggage tags. You can purchase one tag for just under $10 or both for $20... and then another $9 for shipping (aka the silent killer of all potential online purchases).

BTS Bon Vogage Season 4 Luggage Tags

Now you're probably thinking the same thing I am, why did I buy these? Especially after reading the price listings. Good question because I honestly have no idea. That's not entirely true though, hear me out. At the time these came out was right around the time I was planning on going to South Korea. So of course the idea of luggage tags featuring BTS who I was planning on seeing in SK seemed too good to be true. Instant must-have purchase. That reasoning was also why I purchased two instead of just one because I wanted Austin to match me. Was it a bit on the impulsive side? Yes, most definitely. Purchasing the digital season to watch is one thing, but I could have gone without these if I'm being so honest. Though if I'm really being honest and getting down to the nitty-gritty here... I haven't even watched the season yet. Now that I'm honestly thinking about it I don't think I finished watching season 3 either. Eek. My lack of watching the content I purchase is a whole problem for a whole other day.

BTS Bon Vogage Season 4 Luggage Tags

Like with most of my purchases, I feel extremely torn on whether or not I love these luggage tugs. As I briefly mentioned before, this was a bit of a impulsive purchase during the time I was planning to visit South Korea. Side note: I know I'm terrible but this is also why I'm practicing to be more of a minimalist. Anyway once the tags arrived I was super excited because at first glance they looked extremely adorable. Plus you know how I feel about blue aka one of my favorite colors in life. However once I opened the package I felt a bit underwhelmed, but couldn't quite put my finger as to why that was for a while. In the end it feels like a combination of little things such as the pricing, the quality, and the images.

The pricing we know was crazy especially with the shipping, but that's part of being an international fan I suppose. If it wasn't for the shipping would these still be that outrageous in price? Honestly, yes and no. Luggage tags should not be this expensive, but considering this is an artist exclusive merchandise I can see the why it's priced this high (aka consumerism). Next is the quality of the luggage tags themselves, which are of a sturdy plastic material. They are surprising sturdy, which I was not expecting but does leave me feeling a bit more happy about the purchase. Considering these are meant for traveling, it feels like they can take quite the hit and not be ruined. I did notice though that they do leave a sort of cheap plastic smell on your hand after handling them.

I don't know if it's me being a bit on the nit-picky side or just greedy, but I really wish the images were different on each one. It just feels silly to have them both be the same when the backing on each one is different. Speaking of backing. Now that holo back image I can definitely get behind! It's super gorgeous and not something I was expecting to see when I pulled the photo out of the sleeve. The text in the front above the photo of the group is also holo, but I didn't notice it the first time I glanced at them.

BTS Bon Vogage Season 4 Luggage Tags

So would I buy something like this again? Eh... probably not. Since I already own them, then I'm happy to have them as part of my collection and will be something I use when I travel. However they really weren't what I was expecting to an extent and aren't enough of a memorable keepsake in my opinion. I feel like perhaps an actual metal keychain or a pin - like the one for the BTS Brazil DVD - has a better sense of value especially given the price. Imagine how cute it would have been to have a pin in the shape of a luggage tag?! Or they could have even made these a little more high end material to match the price. Or include a set of photocards at the very least, haha. Because in the eyes of a BTS collector photocards can fix all the problems. Anyway I don't know, what do you guys think? Am I being too harsh for expecting something more high quality?

Until next time, stay safe and keep washing your hands! xoxo Moonbaes.

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