Happy Father's Day

Hiya guys, how's it going? Today I'm celebrating Father's Day with my family and taking dad out to dinner. I have been very fortune in life to have a supportive father. No matter what I've wanted to do, he's always had my back. More importantly he helped ease my relationship with my mother, whom I don't always get along with. He helped me understand her perspective and also would talk to her into giving me some slack every now and then. I'm definitely a dad's girl, haha. He even let's my mess around with his nails on occasion. So for today I decided to do a chevron cut-away mani in his honor.

I cannot even try and hide my excitement for how this turned out. 

Originally I saw a design like this done by Chalkboard Nails a few months ago. Ever since I have wanted to do something similar but.. I suck and it always came out terrible lol. I don't know how but today it actually worked out well for me. I think patience is the key. It may seem crazy, but seriously, taking your time can really help make any design come out so much neater. Even simple swatches. It's easier said than done sometimes, trust me I know. I always find myself pressed for time and rush. The results of rushing is mostly a whole lot of frustration and a terrible mani.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen's Triple Shine Ice Tint and Nicole by OPI That's What I Mint (Gumdrops). I used a fast-drying topcoat to smooth the texture and give this design a beautiful shine. For the chevrons, I used the single big stripes from Nails Vinyls.

I really hope you guys like this design and try it out for yourselves. I think it would look great no matter what colors you decide to use (Oh gosh, imagine a neon gradient!). Though the only thing I wish I would of done is used another layer of Ice Tint as my undie. But on a happy note, I finally got to use my jelly polish from Sally Hansen.

Sorry for the kind-of short post today, I'm on my way out to dinner right after this. Kirby from The Mercurial Magpie featured me in her Brilliant Bloggers segment this week! You guys can check out the interview here and find out a little more about me.

Hope you have a safe and wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Oh my gosh, your suggestion of a neon gradient just made my polish-addicted heart jump for joy!