Heather's Hues: Hello Kitty & Friends Collection

Hi everyone. Happy Friday! I cannot wait to get some much needed sleep this weekend, haha. Insomnia has been kicking my butt hardcore this week and I'm only getting two hours of sleep a night. Crazy, right? It's a miracle I'm still able to function. But that probably has to do with having so many pretty polishes to play with. Today I have a new collection from Heather's Hues inspired by Hello Kitty & Friends.

This collection launches today June Friday 6th 8PM Eastern time and there are a total of ten polishes. I'll be splitting this collection into two different posts with five polishes each, let's get started.

Naughty Nymph is a black jelly filled with silver holographic micro glitters and pink glitters in various shades, shapes, and sizes.

This is a fantastic way to start off a cute collection. Black jelly polishes are far and few between so I'm really glad Heather made this beauty. The bright pink holographic skull-shaped glitters are optional and can come in a separate bag. All I did to add them was use topcoat and some tweezers to help with the placement. Swatched over a clear base coat, used three thin coats, and sealed with a fast-drying topcoat. You'll find that this polish is extremely sheer in one coat, however, three coats will give you full opacity. The formula is pretty good and easy to work with. Naughty Nymph has a lot of glitters and will need to be shaken up a good amount before applying. Make sure you seal it with a fast-drying topcoat since it is both a lot of glitters and likely a lot of layering.

Funny Fish is a scattered holographic teal crelly filled with hexes and squares in both electric blue and light teal.

You guys know how teal crazy I am this month and this polish absolutely makes me fly to the moon and back. It's the color of the summer without a doubt. I like the subtle amounts of teal mixture, it creates a real good sea-look. Swatched over a clear base, used three thin coats, and sealed with a fast-drying topcoat. Formula was good, no clumping, and easy to apply. It is sheer in a single coat and will require at least three for opacity. There is no glitter fishing with this polish but it does have to be shaken pretty well before use.

This Little Pig is a light peach crelly with teal and watermelon colored glitters.

The brightness of the glitters on contrast with the light base makes me so giddy for this polish. Definitely eye-catching and summer friendly. Side bonus for me, I really don't own another polish even remotely the same. The colors are unique to me so that's a big plus in my book. Swatched over a clear base, used two thin coats, and sealed with a fast-drying topcoat. Unfortunately I did have a little bit of issues getting the watermelon glitters from the bottle, so you'll find yourself fishing for those. In addition to that the base color is extremely opaque in one single coat. I managed to get two melon colored glitters on my index finger that were completely covered by the second layer. I would not recommend more than two coats because of the opaqueness, however, the formula is not thick.  

Frogs Ker-oak is a neon green jelly filled with bright green and emerald glitters in various sizes. This polish also has optional pink glitters that you can choose to mix in or have on the side. I choose to have small neon pink dots added to mine.

Talk about froggy fresh! Okay, that was lame to say. This polish is really freaking neon green! Out of all the glitter combinations available, I like the way the small neon pinks fit in the best. Swatched over a clear base, used three thin coats, and sealed with a fast-drying topcoat. This polish is sheer in one coat and even with three coats it is still a little sheer. I wouldn't suggest adding any more than three layers so that you avoid clumping, especially if you pick the larger pink glitters instead of the small. Formula was great, one of the better ones in this set.

Hip-Hoppin' & Boppin  is a hot pink jelly polish filled with scattered holo and small light pink and metallic hot pink glitters.

I swear I have said this a million times, but what's summer without some hot pink polish! This one in particular is so incredible bright and striking. I like the particular shade of hot pink. It compliments my skin tone quite well, which is something not easily accomplished with neon pinks. Swatched over a clear base coat, used three thin coats, and sealed with a fast-drying topcoat. Sheer in one coat, you'll find a more opaque look after three thin coats. The formula is consistent with the other jellies in this collection and applies really easily. Unfortunately the one thing I do have to report is the fact that it's a stainer. I had it on for about twenty minutes and it turned my nails an unnatural shade of pink. I personally don't care about staining as I do have a weekly cleaning regardless, but I know it bothers a lot of people.  

I'm sad about the issues I encountered with the two colors because they really are beautiful. I've spoken with Heather about my concerns, and like a true professional, she's already taken measures to make sure the batches for release will correct these issues. Swatchers often receive early versions of release polishes, that way we can tell the makers what we found wrong and they can correct the issues. I'm really glad I was able to contribute and help her make the adjustments she needed. A lot of these polishes do come with heavy glitters, however, so make sure you roll the bottles between the palms of your hands before use. I always make it a point to leave the bottle upside down for a few minutes as well.

The Hello Kitty & Friends Collection by Heather's Hues is filled with a lot of summer color that's not to be missed out on. Besides who doesn't love Hello freaking Kitty! We all know Avril Lavigne does... (a Google search is in your future if you don't get the reference).

I'll have the rest of the collection available for your viewing and reading pleasure tomorrow afternoon. But make sure you guys don't miss out on the grand release that happens tonight at 8PM Eastern.

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