Red Coat Tuesdays #2

Hi guys, it's Red Coat Tuesday! Woot! If you guys don't know the reference, it's about Pretty Little Liars. It's definitely been tough to get my nails done during this week so far. Too many backed-up errands and other things around the house to get done. I know for a fact tomorrow will be completely busy since it's my dads birthday. I'll be staying up late tonight trying to balance things out so hopefully I won't drive myself too crazy. Who said being off work was going to be fun? Haha.

Anyways there is a new episode tonight for PLL so I had to do my nails for occasion, of course. It may be cheesy but it's seriously one of the only shows I watch. I guess it's one of those guilty pleasures things.

Not too bad, right?

It's definitely different than what I originally intended to do. Actually I had no idea what I wanted to do except for roses and red, haha. I don't stamp nearly as much as I probably should considering the over dozen plates I have. I purchased the particular plate here many months ago, I think for an Easter sale. Either way, it has some absolutely beautiful rose patterns on it. Once I found it I knew it was the one to use here!

Items used to complete this look:
  • Zoya PixieDust: Chyna
  • Rimmel London: Caramel Cupcake
  • Pueen Plate 64 
  • Triple Shine Topcoat from Sally Hansen

I actually used Zoya PixieDust: Chyna for the stamping as well. Color me surprised! I had no idea texture polishes would work this well to stamp with too. I'm not even good at stamping and it worked really easily for me. I suggest you guys give it a try, never know what you might come up with. My accent nail has Chyna with a topcoat over it to smooth it out and to lessen the texture effect on purpose. I hope you guys enjoyed my quickie design and have fun watching the show (if you're a fan like me, haha).

If you have painted your nails (or done any makeup) in red be sure to join #RedCoatTuesday linkup below! Visit Color Me So Crazy on Facebook for more details.


  1. Very pretty. I have never tried stamping. I have no clue how to do it. Gotta look it up. The Pixie Dust is always so great.

  2. How cute! I never would have thought to stamp with a Pixie!

  3. Ummm... WHAT textured polish can stamp?!?!?!?!??!?!?! //runs off to try