Mani Monday: Texture Edition

Yet another rainy day here in Jersey *sigh* the worst is how incredibly sticky and humid it is. I'm not one to be messed with today. But I have to be positive, right? I have next week off from work to play with the many polishes overwhelming my desk. I should post a photo so you guys can see the craziness but truth be told I'm a little embarrassed. My addiction has no bounds anymore! *insert evil maniac laughter here*

For today's post, I'm combining a bunch of different things in order to cut myself some slack. This mani covers the following tasks: Mani Monday (duh), Stamping Sunday (I'm late), and Day 4 of the Random Nail Art Challenge: Yellow.

stamp bee yellow
So you guys are getting a little bit of everything all up on ya face, haha. But I don't think this mani came out so bad after all. I'll admit I kind of rushed to get it done last night cause I just wasn't feeling too keen. And I usually don't like yellow polishes because I feel they make me skin-tone look really odd in photos. Somehow though these came out pretty good (if I do say so myself).

Polishes used: Sally Hansen Sugar Coats Sweetie, Julie G Canary Islands, and Konad Black Stamping Polish.

stamp bee yellow

I remember when these Sugar Coats first came out like last year and every one went nuts over them. But these days, people tend to hate textures for some reason. The problem, I think, has always been in the application process. It's not easy to make them look good on your nails and takes a lot more effort than normal polish to design with. I'm definitely still a fan of textures polishes though and I'm glad I brought this collection.

For the honeycombs, I used a stamp from Winstonia's First-Gen Collection and Konad's black stamping polish. I'm getting slightly better with my stamping, but I need more practice for sure.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this edition's of Mani Monday. So tell me guys, how do you all feel about texture polishes? Any that you absolutely love?

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  1. This is the first time I've seen textured polish and it's interesting. It's so tough to keep up with polish when there's little ones running around, but I love to see the creativity for when I do finally get a manicure. Oh and we're both from Jersey and I agree, the worst thing about the heat here is the humidity. It's terrible.