Sincerely Polish: Villainous Vixens

Hiya guys, how's it going? I hope you are better than I am. All day I spent in bed with a fever and I can barely talk. Good thing you guys can't catch my germs via the internet, haha. I've been lucky though because my sweet hubby of mine took care of me all day. Even though at first I wasn't happy about it and told him to stay away, last thing I want to do is get him sick. But he insisted and I didn't have the strength to fight so I gave in.

There was, however, one thing I was not going to give into and that was not swatching. I'm almost at the finish line of things backed up so I cannot waste a perfectly good afternoon. Plus I had it pretty easy since today I'll be showing you guys Villainous Vixens by Sincerely Polish. To say I'm a fan is an understatement, Karen makes some of my favorite jelly polishes. Let me show you the magic!

Malicious Maleficent

Malicious Maleficent is a deep purple jelly polish filled with holographic purple and silver micro glitters. This polish is also laced with black heart-shaped glitters. This polish is inspired by Maleficent, the evil fairy in the movie Sleeping Beauty. I'm really loving the royal purple shade and the black hearts are the perfection addition. Swatched over a clear peel-off basecoat, used three thin coats, and sealed with a topcoat. Formula was excellent and the application process gave me no trouble whatsoever. The black heart-shaped glitters were done with placement and didn't make me have to go fishing for them. Polish is sheer in a single layer but you'll only need three for full opacity. Definitely add a topcoat to smooth down the glitters and add a nice shine.

Revengeful Red Queen

Revengeful Red Queen is dark berry red jelly filled with bright red, gold, and holographic micro glitters. It also features red and black heart-shaped glitters in the mix. I was very pleasantly surprised with this beauty and how differently Karen decided to represent the red queen. The shade is not straight red which is also a nice welcomed change. And seriously how squishy is this jelly? I love a jelly sandwich any day of the week! Swatched over a clear peel-off basecoat, used three thin coats, and sealed with a topcoat. Sheer in one coat, I reached full opacity with three thin coats. The bigger glitters didn't give me any trouble, however, I did do some placement. As always, you'll definitely want to add a topcoat to smooth over the glitters.

Unforgiving Ursula

Unforgiving Ursula is a light purple crelly polish filled holographic dust, black and purple hexes, purple and black heart-shaped glitters. Growing up, The Little Mermaid was my all-time favorite movie and no villain could give me more nightmares than Ursula. Okay, it still gives me the creeps and I may or may not have to fast forward through her death scene. Love the color choice! And the common attribute, the black heart-shaped glitters. Because all these evil vixens truly have black little hearts. Swatched over a clear peel-off basecoat, used two thin coats, and sealed with a topcoat. Formula, again, was great and super easy to work with. This is the only crelly in the collection and so only requires two thin coats for full opacity.

Cruel Ella De Vil

Cruel Ella De Vil is a white jelly polish filled with micro red glitters, holographic hexes, black dots and black hearts. One of the most evil of all evil, Cruel Ella De Vil. Seriously who could hurt little puppies!? Out of the entire collection, this one will have to be hands down my favorite polish. I'm an absolute sucker for white jelly polishes and this one definitely makes the top five of my personal list. Swatched over a clear peel-off basecoat, used three thin coats, and sealed with a topcoat. Excellent formula and some glitter placement was used for the larger dots and hearts. I had a little bit of trouble finding hearts but I had an overwhelming amount of black dots to make up for it. Remember though guys these are hand-made polishes so differences in glitter content per bottle tend to happen. Make sure you seal in with a topcoat to smooth and settle all the glitters in your jelly sandwich.

As I mentioned in the intro, even though I was feeling very ill I knew I would have an easy time swatching these polishes. Sincerely Polish has an excellent formula when it comes to jelly polishes and I'm a huge fan. There is placement required for the larger glitters, however, this is an exception with any polish containing large glitters.This collection not only completely represents our favorite Disney villains but are overall top-notch quality. The Villainous Vixens is available for purchase in both full size ($8.50 ea.) and mini size ($3.50 ea. sale price). As of today, there is still a crazy awesome sale going on in the shop so make sure you take advantage of the prices.

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So tell me guys, which one was your favorite?

***Please note the base coat and topcoat used in all swatches is part of a two-week test period for ND Lacquers and will be included in a later review.

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