Born Pretty Store: Sea Creatures Decals

Hiya guys, how's it going? I'm still pretty sick but I'm trying to rest in between going to work and doing my nails. Not much resting time, but a little bit is better than nothing. My hubby has also been going above and beyond to make sure I'm getting better. So have you guys noticed the url? Manicured and Marvelous finally has its own domain! I'm super excited about this as its something I have wanted for quite some time.

But now on to the nail goodies, today I have some water decals and glitters to show you guys from Born Pretty Store. It's funny, I received each months apart from each other, but it wasn't until I had them on my desk that I realized how great they looked together.

This isn't the first time I'm using decals from Born Pretty Store so I won't be covering the application process. Like all the others, these particular decals are extremely easy to use. For me, that's one of the major things I look for (ease of use) in decals especially small ones like these. I'm definitely more of a decal fan rather than nail wraps. Born Pretty Store has an impressive decal selection, so if you haven't checked that out go take a look and browse around. Every time I start browsing I end up finding at least ten new ones I want to get.

These decals are absolutely adorable and so freaking colorful. Perfect for summer! Of course, I had to do a blue mani with a slight gradient for a little bit of an ocean effect. After you place you decals, make sure you seal them in with a topcoat. But don't drench your nail with topcoat cause you will crinkle the decal. If you guys have any questions about the application process, please feel free to ask me down in the comments.

Now you guys can definitely add more decals than I did. Personally, I wanted to use the glitters so I didn't want to end up overwhelming each nail. Believe it or not, this is actually my first time working with loose glitters like this. I don't know why I haven't gone down this path below because they are so easy to use. I just added them where I wanted with a wax stick (I covered these in a previous Born Pretty Store review, you can read here) and some topcoat.

These glitters seriously transformed my simple look into a cute and colorful mani. I'm a huge fan of these now and plan on using them for so many manis. Time to start practicing my placement. The container is packed with glitters, personally I know I'll get over a dozen uses out of it. Another huge plus is how thin these glitters are, almost paper thin. This container is not only diverse in color but also in sizing as these glitters come extra small to fairly large.

The Lovely Fishes decals Item #BOP138 are $1.59 for a single set and you can get a ton of uses out of them. The mixed color glitters (1mm-2mm) Item #15085 are $4.36 per container. If you use my code ROHG10 you'll receive 10% off your purchase and as always free shipping. Shipping will take 3-6 weeks, but patience my nail lovers it's totally worth it for the great deals you can get.

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