Birthday Watermarble

Hiya guys. Today is finally here and it's my birthday! At first I was so hesitate about my birthday this year and felt like I shouldn't even 'celebrate'. But as the days have gone by I find myself feeling like a little kid anxiously waiting presents and love. I've had yesterday, today, and tomorrow off from work so it has made it even more special for me. If there is one thing I love more than polish it's being off work. Actually it might be the only thing I love more than polish, haha. I've been getting spoiled by my friends, hubs, and parents so far with lots of nail related items and some not. I'll make a post later tonight so show you guys my goodies.

For today, Cheyenne and myself did watermarble nails with a cupcake accent nail to celebrate my birthday. I found the cupcake image in a Google search for 'kawaii birthday'. Truth be told, I love searching Google for 'kawaii' it usually gives me good inspiration.

I'm so happy with how these turned out! That's right I'm not being a negative Nancy about my mani today. Kind of against the rules of a birthday, haha. Cheyenne and I have this great tradition going that every month we do a watermarble together and so far we are definitely showing improvement. This time last year I couldn't do a watermarble correctly to save my life. I think that's another reason why I'm extremely excited, it's getting close to marking off another year into nail art. A lot of people in my life snub this off as another 'hobby', but as I've said before this is more than that to me. It's a passion in every regard - from nail art to swatching and reviewing. This community as a whole is really important to me... oh gosh here I go again being mush mush. But in all seriousness, I may be sensing a giveaway coming soon.

Polishes used were Essie Avenue Maintain and New York Color Amazon Green, Carnival Red, Copabanana, and Jacaranda Flower (these polishes will be reviewed during the weekend, stay tuned). Over the watermarble I did added China Glaze Fairy Dust and sealed with a glossy topcoat. Originally I wanted to do a holo-topcoat but mine ended up covering the marble up entirely. It was not ideal, to say the least. The accent nail cupcake was created over a gradient using all the same polishes and then acrylic paint.

Thank you to all those wishing me a Happy Birthday, I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys. Now it's time for me to go celebrate my day, talk to you all later amigos.