Glitter Daze: Naughticle Collection

Hi guys, let's celebrate shall we? Oh, you don't know why? Not only is it Friday but I have an important announcement, Glitter Daze is back! I cannot express how excited and honored I am to be covering the grand return of this indie. Glitter Daze was one of the first indies I fell in love two years ago, so when Sana contacted me to swatch for her I couldn't have said yes fast enough. This relaunch is going to be incredible and will be introducing 18 brand new polishes along with a complete revamp of the store! The big relaunch is today so I'll be showing you guys ten brand new polishes hitting the store shelves!

Note: the photo above is missing one of the polishes I'll be covering in this post. Just as a fair warning, this post is extremely photo heavy as I'm going to be showing all ten polishes. You'll also find shorter descriptions of each polish than I normally would write since the formula and consistency are very similar in nature all throughout. 

Beach Bumming and Grinding is a cute light beige creme. The shade is a little bit tanner in person than shown here. I definitely need to own more nude colors in my collection so this was a nice addition. I did some stamping over this base a week ago and it came out pretty nicely. Formula was pretty good, easy to work with, and opaque in two thin coats.

Surfbort is a bright lime pastel green creme. Doesn't this beauty remind you of mint ice cream? Now I really want some ice cream, haha. I love the color for the summer, very bright and cheerful. Swatch was done over a clear base coat and sealed with a topcoat. Formula was good, nice consistency, and only needed two thin coats for full opacity.

Nooner on the Schooner is a peachy creme. One of my favorites that I swatched in this collection. I love the softness and femininity of the color. Swatched over a clear base coat and sealed with a glossy topcoat. Formula was really good, nice consistency. Opacity was great with only two thin coats.

Hook, Line, and Kiss Me is a rich coral creme. When I saw the color I was completely afraid it wouldn't be like the bottle but I was so wrong. It even photographed pretty accurately! So pumped about that because it has become a quick favorite of mine after swatching it. Great formula and opaque in two thin coats like the majority of this collection. 

I'm Feeling Yachty is a lemon yellow creme. You guys know how I feel about the color yellow in general, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that this one is my least favorite of the ten. The shade is a lot more yellow in person, it appears a bit lighter in these swatch photos. Formula was a bit thicker but still not difficult to apply. I only needed two coats to be fully opaque and definitely needed a topcoat to smooth out the layers. 

The Lovers Boat is a creme in the perfect shade of pink. This polish is the classic pink polish creme that we all need to have in our collections. Not too bright and not too light, it's a great color choice for when you just want to feel flirty and girly. I remember being five and this being my favorite color of all time, everything was pink in my room haha. Formula was great, easy to apply, and only needed two thin coats for full opacity. 

Cruisin & Floozin is a lilac creme. I feel my photos make it seem a little bit more towards the pink scope but the color in person is a lot more lilac. That aside, this is another on of my favorites in this collection. I was very surprised by how much I ended up liking it on my nails since, compliments my skin-tone very well. The formula was pretty good, nice consistency, and opaque in two thin coats.

Ahoy, Mate Me! is a creme in the shade of royal purple. I'm so conflicted on this one. From the second I saw the bottle I wanted to fall in love with it, but it wasn't as bright as I wish it would of been once I applied it. Formula was a little bit streaky and required three thin coats for full opacity. The polish dries to an almost matte-like (satin) finish but would look great with a glossy topcoat. 

Rolling in the Bay is a bright sky blue creme. Another one of my favorites hands down. Love the brightness and summer feel of this fantastic polish. I think my camera freaked out over the color and it appears a little bit more aqua in some of the photos. Great formula and consistency, very easy to apply and work with. Opacity achieved in two thin coats and sealed with a glossy topcoat. 

Holla for a Sand Dolla is creme in a off-white shade. It has a very ivory feel to it which is nice and very different than other shades I own. I'm not sure how I feel about wearing it alone. I could see it being used in some nail art though. Formula was a little bit streaky and required three coats for complete opacity. You'll definitely need a topcoat to smooth out the layers. 

Overall I'm loving so many of these fabulous shades in this relaunch. Cremes are always very fickle with me and I have a love/hate relationship with them generally. However, the Glitter Daze polishes being released today might have turned me completely around on that. I honestly don't think I have ever come across such easy to work with set of creme polishes. I'm extremely curious on how these will work with stamping and nail art in general, so you guys will be seeing a lot more of these shades in future posts.

Glitter Daze's huge relaunch is happening today, Friday July 11th, and you'll be able to purchase all these polishes plus another eight new ones.

So tell me guys, which one of these creme beauties caught your eye? Let me know down in the comments :D TGIF!

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