Mani Monday: Black & White Stamping

Hiya guys! Let the official birthday countdown begin! I cannot believe it's another year, it just blows my mind how quickly time has flown by. I don't even want to think about how old I'm getting, it's enough to give me an anxiety attack. Where's my youth potion when I need it? Okay, too much video games there haha. How about instead I think about the delicious cake I'll be eating next week. You guys should expect a couple of birthday mani's during the weekend, hopefully.

Anyhow, I've been wanting to do a black and white stamping mani for a couple of weeks now and I was finally able to cross this off my to-do list. I've actual had this sitting in my bin for a week or so but just finally got around to editing and making this post. I was so hesitate about it and wish it would of came out a little neater, but hey they can't all my winners.

It's definitely not terrible but far from perfect. I need a lot more practice with patterns like this since I'm more used to stamping with single patterns.

I used my go-to white that I love to death Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear White On and Konad's Black stamping polish. I think you can notice the fail a bit more clearly in the photo above than you can in the other photo. Ah, the magic of angles. I wish I knew what plate collection this image was from but it was a singular plate given to me from a friend a while back. The color scheme makes the flaws a lot more noticeable (at least in my eyes) but this was my only attempt at it. Meaning I didn't have to try a dozen times to get the image correctly on my nail.

My obsession with stamping is picking up speed as I purchased over 26 new plates from Winstonia earlier this month. I'm also hoping to receive some for my birthday. Now I cannot wait to go home and work on some more stamping mani's!


  1. So pretty! My bday is in a few days and I'm dreading. Ugh.I don't want to be another year older. lol

    1. So I definitely feel your pain. lol

    2. Yay another July baby! I wish I could get all the benefits of a birthday without the aging part lol