He Picks My Polish Challenge | July

Hiya guys. I want to start off by saying thank you so much for all the feedback on my Jack Skellington nails. I'm still awestruck at the wonderful comments I received across social media. As cheesy as it sounds, your response has been the best birthday present. Okay enough of the mush mush here. As tradition states, after posting some super awesome nails I will post my next mani aka a nail fail. Okay so maybe it's not a total failure but I'm definitely not digging the color combo. Oh, why did I pick these colors you ask? I didn't. Say hello to the July edition of the He Picks My Polish Challenge.

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Are your eyes bleeding yet?


....well they should be.

Okay, so maybe I'm a little to harsh on this mani. The culprit behind the color selection was my best friend Adam. When I told him about the challenge he was just as excited as Austin was last month and immediately knew what he wanted. He told me only indie polishes and then went on a search through my helmer. It was really difficult to try and think outside the box and I ended up pushing this back so much I almost didn't make the deadline. So when all else fails do a gradient!

Polishes used Indigo Dream by Stardust Polish, Raspberry Ice Tea by Jior Couture, and Moon Jelly by Polish TBH. I added a rhinestone from the Sally Hansen I heart Nail Art kit and sealed with a glossy topcoat. Now don't get me wrong, all these polishes are beautiful individually. Otherwise I wouldn't own them, right? But the different finishes and colors don't work well together unfortunately. 

Here's hoping for better luck the next time around. If I can get my dad to play along I think I'll have him pick for next month. I don't think he will but you never know. If he doesn't then it'll be Austin's time to pick again and I'm extremely afraid of his color choices. What ever shall I do with all these polish picking men in my life?! Love'em to bits :) cause seriously it's beyond amazing when guys can be supportive. I'm a lucky girl.

Check out how everyone else in the challenge did!


  1. Nail fail?? This is gorgeous!!

  2. I think this is a great look! The gems really pull it together. Great job. :)

  3. I dunno maaan... I'm kinda feelin' it!