CDB Lacquer Fanny Pack Collection

TGIF. Hi guys, how's it going? I've been resting at home today because somehow I caught a bit of a bug. It's really odd as it's happened really suddenly and I'm not quite sure what to take. I'll probably just head to the doctors tomorrow morning. But I have something to show you all today that will make us feel totally awesome. Today we're saying hello to the Fanny Pack Collection by CDB Lacquer. Talk about a flashback! I'm pretty sure I still have a fanny pack somewhere from my younger days haha.

The Fanny Pack Collection by CDB Lacquer consists of five super bright neon jellys with loads of glitter. This collection is set to release August 29th, mark your calendars.

Rad! is a neon orange jelly filled with gold micro glitters. I don't know how Cheyenne managed to do it, but this is one of the most non-obnoxious orange polishes I have ever worn. It doesn't clash with my skin-tone whatsoever. You guys know how much of a struggle it is for me to find yellow/orange polishes that suits me. The glitter to color combination is also spot on and makes this jelly very pleasing to wear. Formula and consistency were great and didn't give me any issues applying. Sheer in a single coat, you'll find ideal opacity with three thin coats. You'll also definitely want this sealed off with a glossy topcoat.

Shweet! is a bright hot pink neon jelly filled with holo micro glitters. I have to say for as bright as this polish looks in these photos, it's a lot more brighter in person. It's truly the definition of a hot pink polish. One of my favorites in this collection, the glitters set the tone and give this otherwise common polish a 'wow' factor. Formula and consistency were fantastic, no issues when applying. There was also no staining on my nails or cuticles after removal, I wore this one for about three days to test. Make sure you use a thick glossy topcoat otherwise since it's so full of glitters it'll end up looking a bit textured.

Gnarly! is bright yellow base jelly filled with green holo micro glitters. Name wise, this is my absolute favorite. I haven't been able to stop saying the word 'gnarly' ever since I swatched this polish... and yes I'm getting quite the weird looks from people for it haha. Swatched using three thin coats for the desired opacity. As you can see this one is even a bit sheer with three coats, but it is intended to be that way. Formula is consistent with the others in this collection and gave me no issues when layering.

Psych! is a neon purple jelly filled with holo micro glitters. I have to say this one is without a doubt, hands down, my top pick for this collection if I had to pick just one. It's incredibly bright, even more-so in person. I can see myself wearing this one quite a bit as purple is one of my favorite polish colors. Fantastic formula and consistency. Sheer in a single coat, I swatched this beauty using three thin coats for a fully finished look.

Tubular! is bright blue jelly filled with blue and silver holo micro glitters. Out of the polishes in this collection, this is my personal least favorite. The base is a bit more shimmering than I would of liked. Regardless of that, the polish itself is still pretty cute and fits in with the collection. Formula wise, this polish gave me no issues. You'll need no less than three coats for an ideal opacity. As I've mentioned before, you'll want to use to a topcoat otherwise it'll look textured due to the glitter volume.

The Fanny Pack Collection by CDB Lacquer is set to release next Friday August 29th. Cheyenne from CDB Lacquer is one of the indie makers I work very closely with and her work ethnic shines through with every collection. Definitely a pleasure to work with.  Overall the collection has a fantastic formula and consistency, none gave me any notable issues. As you can see in the photos, all are very bright in color and I'm glad to report no staining whatsoever. Usually I can pinpoint a favorite that's superior to the rest, but with the exception of Tubular, I love all the colors and glitter combinations.

I'd also like to note that these polishes do glow under black-light. Unfortunately I do not have a black light to make this possible for my swatch photos, however, there are plenty of glow shots available on her Instagram from other swatchers.

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Which one is your favorite? Let me know down in the comments. I love hearing from you guys.

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