Supernatural Lacquer - Turducken Swatch

Hey guys and TGIF! It's been a heck of a long week and I'm really glad it's over. Best part about today? Having the office at work all to myself. Score! I actually really enjoy being by myself in a room, there is just something about having the space to think clearly that I absolutely enjoy. My nail corner is actually in the attic and I spend quite a bit of time all alone there with just a few lamps on. Way to make yourself sound like a weirdo Rose, haha. Anyway let's move on, shall we? Today is an awesome Friday because Supernatural Lacquer is finally back. Stephanie was taking a hit of a hiatus for the last two months or so but today her beautiful polishes will be on virtual shelves at 7PM EST. The swatch I'll be showing you guys is from a purchase I made before the store closed two months ago and unfortunately will not be restocked. Say hello to Turducken.

Supernatural Lacquer - Turducken

Supernatural Lacquer, as I've mentioned before, is based completely off of the hit television show Supernatural. I'm a huge fan and constantly catch myself watching the series over again on Netflix. Especially whenever I'm swatching for Stephanie. The references in the polish names always get me and I sit here geeking out like "I know what episode this is from :3". The fan girl inside me is real people and she's ready to burst out at any time. And if I should ever happen to meet Jensen Ackles... just the thought of that being a possibility makes me want to faint haha.

Supernatural Lacquer - Turducken

Turducken is a nude based crelly filled with bright green and black small glitters. The green glitters are hard to pick up against the nude base but they're there trust me haha. This polish was actually made as a mixing mistake when Stephanie was making a batch of Shapeshifter. The best things can sometimes happen as mistakes, clear example with this polish. Swatched over a clear base coat, used three thin coats, and sealed with a fast drying topcoat. Great formula and application. Consistent to the previous crelly polishes I swatched for Supernatural Lacquer.

As I mentioned before, Turducken will not be available as it was only a one time mistake. However don't be sad, Shapeshifter will be returning along with a few others. GED & A Give Em' Hell Attitude and Driver Picks the Music, Shotgun Shuts His Cake Hole, which I swatched in the past, will both be retiring after tonight's final stock. There is also a new collection releasing tonight that I'm sure you guys will love based on the women of Supernatural!

Follow Supernatural Lacquer for her grand reopening of the store tonight August 15th at 7PM eastern time! Don't miss out guys because a lot of her polishes will be discontinued after tonight's stock.


  1. Love the look of those! Will have to peek back here again soon! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by :) I ended up picking up some more polishes from her collection so I'll be doing swatches on those soon.