Daily Hues Lacquer: Fall Releases

Greetings guys! It's almost the end of the week and I'm so pumped about getting a day off from work. I've been waking up every morning wanting to just call out. I dread my day job with a passion this time of year. But enough with the negativity, let's talk about polishes. The Fall collections have been rolling out left and right since the beginning of this month, it's getting hard to pick favorites around here. To make things even harder on our wallets, Daily Hues Lacquer is here to bring us a dozen glittery and shimmering polishes for the season. I don't have the whole collection, so I'll only be showing the three that I hand picked to swatch. These caught my eye and I think you'll understand once you take a look for yourselves.

Move aside dark and gloomy, the glitters are here to make Fall shine! The entire Fall line from Daily Hues Lacquer will be hitting the virtual shelves September 1st.

Ingrid is a silver glitter topper that contains three different sized of holo hex glitter. As Jenn said on her site, shine bright like a diamond indeed. One of my favorite glitters of all time, the sparkle is real people. Swatched over a clear base, used three thin coats, and sealed with a topcoat. You do have to layer with this beauty if you plan to wear it without an undie. The formula is great, no glitter fishing, and good consistency. The formula makes it very easy to layer with and gives it a fantastic finish.

Taryn is a berry pink jelly filled with pink holo glitters. This one was really close for becoming a favorite, which is really surprising considering it's a pink jelly. I usually don't have the best of luck with pink looking good against my skin-tone, but this particular one looks so good. It's just the right tone for it blend in with the Fall mood. Swatched over a clear base, used three thin coats, and sealed with a topcoat. Fantastic formula and consistency, no trouble with the application. Sheer in one coat, you'll need at least three layers for full opacity. Definitely recommend the topcoat, not only with this one, but with all these glitter heavy polishes.

Ashlyn is a dark grey jelly polish filled with holo grey and silver fine hex glitters. I wasn't expecting the base to be as dark tone, but I love it. The silver and holo glitters bring a lot of light and sparkle to the otherwise dark and gloomy jelly. Don't get me wrong though, like I said, I love this shade. Out of the three here I do find it the most Fall-ecque. Swatched over a clear base, used three thin coats, and sealed with a top coat. Another excellent formula here that's easy to work with and apply. This polish is sheer in one coat and will require at least three coats for a good level of opacity. You don't need an undie with this polish as the layering this give this an extremely opaque finish.

Overall I'm absolutely in love with these glittery beauties. So much sparkle and shine for the Fall season. I'm even more in love with the formula for these, such perfect consistency all throughout the three. I'm really impressed with that this time around and it definitely makes me want more jellies from Daily Hues Lacquer in the future. The Fall collection is huge so be sure to look around for other swatches who have covered the rest. Ingrid is definitely my hand-pick not only for the Fall, but for the Winter as well. It's a great topper that's going to liven up some manis for the holidays. Mark your calendars, the entire Fall collection from Daily Hues Lacquer will be releasing on September 1st!

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