Pocahontas | Disney Tag Team Challenge

Hiya guys! It's time for another Disney Heroes vs Villains mani challenge. I actually ended up skipping a week or two because I had like zero motivation to get this mani done. They don't call it a challenge for nothing I suppose and this was definitely challenging. If this is the first time you're hearing me mention this it is a weekly challenge created by @hannah_nails_it and @jessnailedit on Instagram. You pick a partner and create a hero/villain combo mani. Last time my bestie Cheyenne and I did Nightmare Before Christmas nails. Today I'll be showing you guys our next mani for the challenge based on Pocahontas. I got the villain this time around that would the greedy gold-loving Governor Radcliffe.

I'll admit when Cheyenne decided what we would do I was left a little stumped. Even though Pocahontas is a favorite of mine I had no idea how I would even begin to create for Radcliffe. Thank goodness for YouTube. I watched the music scenes with him over and over again. Originally I wanted to do a scene based on the song Savages. Easier said than done. My next idea after that felt too lazy and too simple, basically not challenging enough. So after watching some more clips, I went with the whole scene of them first arriving on the new land and Radcliffe wanting his men to dig for gold. Such a crazy catchy song. 

For this mani I actually only used a white base polish and everything else was done in acrylic paint. I really love how the trees come out! It's the first thing my hubs noticed too. I wanted to draw Radcliffe's face with more of a scowl but he ended up looking like he was smiling haha. Well he's probably smiling thinking of all the 'gold'.

I hope you all liked the mani and the next one will be.... a secret :) haha. Well here's a hint... think happy thoughts. Leave your guesses down in the comments. Have a great weekend guys!


  1. These are awesome! I'm guessing Peter Pan?

    1. Yes, that's was a great guess. I was trying not to be too obvious.