Sincerely Polish: Bohemian Wanderlust

Greetings guys! I'm struggling a bit today with just about every thing, including thinking. I can't focus whatsoever. So... I'm sorry if I'm a muttering mess today. Maybe I've inhaling too much acetone, haha. I did have quite the swatch-a-thon this weekend so be prepared for all the awesome this week. Oi, I still have art challenges to catch up on, but that's a different story. Today I have a collection that I've been holding on to for about a month, I'm so ashamed. But it was worth the wait, without further ado, let me show you my swatches for the Bohemian Wanderlust Collection by Sincerely Polish. This is a six-piece collection consisting of one glitter topper, two shimmer finishes, and three crelly polishes.

Sincerely Polish: Bohemian Wanderlust

The Bohemian Wanderlust Collection by Sincerely Polish is a, "mixture of earth tone & bold colored polishes that reflects the relaxed, the free-spirited, the wild, & the eccentric hidden in all of us". This transitional collection is limited edition and once sold out will be gone for good. Some of the polishes you're about to see are already sold out unfortunately, but I didn't want to exclude them from this review.

Just a Dream is a dusty rose polish with subtle holographic effect. I love the shade so much, it's one that I immediately fell for when I saw it in the bottle. The subtle hints of holo sparkles aren't very obvious in these photos admittedly. As much as I love the shade, it doesn't suit my skin tone as much as I would like. However, it is a great nude for a lot of you guys I'm sure. Formula and consistency are good, it gave me no issues when applying. Sheer in a single coat, I used three thin coats to achieve full opacity.

Wild Thing is a glitter topper with holographic pink glitters with scattered holographic turquoise glitters. What's a collection without some glitter? And this one is a beauty. I've seen swatches done with it on its own and it layers nicely to be a full coverage polish. Personally, I thought this dream polish looked fantastic layered over Just a Dream. Formula was a bit thick, but no glitter fishing was required. I found the best method of application is dabbing the layers on. To finish this off smoothly, I definitely advise a nice topcoat.

Carefree is a shimmery light teal green polish with holographic dust. You guys know how much I love teal (or at least I hope you do) and this one is quite the beauty. It has a nice shimmer finish that gives this a very serene feel. The slight hint of holo dust adds a nice touch to further enhance the relaxed feeling Carefree alludes to. Formula and consistency are pretty good, however, you have to be careful of your brush strokes. The shimmer finish doesn't give room for sloppy brush strokes, so allow a little dry time between layers. I used three thin coats for a full finish and sealed with a glossy topcoat.

Far From Here is a vintage lavender polish with holographic effect. My sixteen year old self would be ecstatic that I found my ideal shade of lavender. It has both a soft and well... bohemian feel. It's hippie meets chic, which pretty much describes the entire collection. Formula was good, however, it will clump easily if you don't allow some dry time between layers. I swatched this polish using three thin layers and a glossy topcoat.

Rebellious Nature is shimmery blue-purple polish with teal flakies throughout. Such a perfect name for a polish full of sass. Very vibrant, this polish leans on being more purple than blue in person. The shimmering flakes are amazing in the sunlight. Again, another great formula without any issues applying. I used two thin coats, I needed to allow dry time between them to avoid clumping, and then I sealed it off with a topcoat.

Sheer Perfection by Sincerely Polish

Sheer Perfection is a nude polish that has a subtle holographic effect. One of my favorite nudes this season. Absolutely love how looks against my skin-tone. The crazy thing is, I've seen it look just as great across a lot of different skin tones. If I had to pick a must-have, this is it. You guys will be seeing a lot more of this beauty in the near future. Excellent formula and consistency, it applied really well. I used three thin coats and sealed it with a glossy topcoat to finish the look.

Sheer Perfection by Sincerely Polish

Sincerely Polish is no stranger to my blog and I've come to expect the great formula and consistency throughout her polishes. These polishes don't disappoint in that regard whatsoever. So while the color selection isn't entirely unique, I do find myself liking the shades and it definitely rivals similar mainstream collections. Indies FTW! Karen was able to capture the ending of summer and beginning of fall all-in-one and create a cute blend. I love the light and nude polishes the most in this collection and can see myself using them quite a bit. You guys will be seeing a lot more of Sincerely Polish still to come in the following weeks!

If you're not already, make sure you follow Sincerely Polish for latest stock information and new releases. A little birdie told me she's having a sale for 25% off, you might want to check out her Instagram before the deal ends.

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