Fall Leaf Pattern Art

Hiya guys! It's an art day where I actually have some art to share with everyone. I know, there's a bunch of shock and amazement all around. The inspiration behind today's nail art you ask? My tissue box. Haha. Tissue boxes can have some seriously interesting patterns and I had been eye-balling this one for weeks. I kept thinking I couldn't do it, but this weekend I was a little bit determined. Not only did I do a design, but I also made a quick video showing you guys how I did it. It's not a full length video, it's an Instagram 15 second one so you can check it out on my IG @roselynn787 later tonight. So without further stalling, here's my design.

Hit or miss, what do you guys think?

Honestly, it's not quite what I envisioned, but I also think it's because I have gotten a little bit rusty. Art, like a lot of things in life, must be practiced regularly. You knows I've been going through that bit of a rut and you have no idea how much I miss doing art. On the other hand, something that should of taken just an hour - maybe - took me about three. It was really frustrating, to say the very least. But at the end of the day, I manged to shake off my problems and create something. So there's that bit of positive snuff, haha.

Polishes used: just one for the base Tilda by Zoya. I decided against using nail polish for the design and thought it was best to use acrylic paint. Good thing too because this was much more difficult than I thought it would be. I actually messed up quite a few times and it was easy to go back in and fix it with the paint. I also opted to do a matte topcoat for this design as it felt more appropriate. I'll add the video once it's edited on to this post if you want to check it out later. I forgot how to use Movie Maker and need my hubs to help, haha.

I love hearing from you guys so let me know what you think.

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